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Success Story from Running Off to Coming – Dog Training – Shalersville

Brittany Spaniel and Springer Spaniel - Dog Training -Shalersville

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Shalersville

Springer Spaniel -Dog Training - Shalersville

David contacted us. He felt fear about his dogs getting injured. He wanted to be able to let them run free in their yard and his dogs kept running off. One of the dogs actually got hit by a car, and he didn’t want that to happen again.

David lives with his wife Peggy and decided work with Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training. Shalersville is where they live. They did eight sessions with us.

Our main focus was to get the dogs to be more responsive with “come“. Initially their dogs completely ignored them when they were called.

We worked hard with getting their Springer and Brittany Spaniels to come reliably with indoor distractions.

Then, we progressed with getting them to come outside with no distractions and last, when they were distracted outside.

The dogs got completely distracted by their cats and by our fifth session they began to listen to their owners around the cats.

When both dogs saw the cats they were able to break away and come when called when they were on the long line.

Both dogs still need to be on the long line in the yard and are not ready to run free. However, while they are on the long line in the yard they are listening.

Not only are they coming much better, but they are also responding to sit, stay and leave it when distracted which is huge.

Lastly, we began to work on loose leash walking the yard. Both dogs are improving on this.

The owners will need to practice this more before they see a significant change in this behavior. However, the owners know what to do to train it.

In regards, to coming completely off leash, I told them that it could take up to two years to come off of chasing wildlife.

They have a woods in their backyard so the distractions are high.

We are all so happy that “come” has greatly improved and the owners understand that they need to continually practice with their dog training. Shalersville has a happier home now.

-David and Peggy Strecker with Dutchess and Rosie (Springer and Brittany Spaniels) – Dog Training – Shalersville

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