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Are You Struggling with a Dog that Barks Loudly at You? – Dog Training – Streetsboro

How to get your dog to be quiet - Dog Training -Streetsboro

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Streetsboro and Surrounding Areas

Do you feel stressed because your dog stares at you and barks loudly? Does this behavior drive you crazy Let’s help you feel more peace by stopping this behavior now.

Dogs bark when they want something. This can range from wanting a treat, a toy, to be pet, to play, etc.

Usually, when your dog barks for attention from you, he will be looking at you when he barks. My last training session session was focused on stopping attention barking through dog training. Streetsboro is where this dog lives.

From the time I arrived to the time I left this cute dog tried to get my attention through barking. The longer the session continued the quieter he became.

Basically, every time the dog barked for attention it meant the removal of myself. The owner or I said “too bad” which served as a no reward marker.

When we said “too bad” it meant the removal of wants. As a result, both the owner and I walked out of site.

His dog began to learn that when he barked for attention it meant the removal of us instead of more of us. This is a tricky behavior to train because the barking will probably get more intense before it gets better.

As we applied dog training, Streetsboro rang with louder barking. Smokey, this cute Husky, was trying harder to get our attention.

This is called an extinction burst. It is a good thing because once you reach the other side the dog learns that when he tries harder he still doesn’t get what he wants. As a result, you get a quiet dog.

You can do this just like we did. Of course if you need help, we are happy to help with dog training. Streetsboro and surrounding areas is where we serve.

Johanna Teresi, Streetsboro Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Streetsboro

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