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Struggling with “Come” with Your Dog? – Middlefield Dog Training

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Are you stressed because your dog doesn’t “come” when you call him? We know how important “come” is in Middlefield. Dog training will pay off.

Let us help you get your dog to “come” in the country so you feel safe.

Anne Rubin trained with us with Teddy. She did an awesome video to help you train “come”.

She lives in West Farmington which is near Middlefield. Dog training worked well with Anne because she was very committed.

Teddy learned to come inside easily. Most dogs learn this quickly. So we will spend time talking about training your dog to come outside in your large yard.

First and foremost, stop allowing your dog to run off. You need to keep your dog on leash or in an enclosed area until he knows how to come reliably.

Otherwise, he will find out that running off works for him and wont’ stop this bad behavior.

Get a long lead. One that is 10-30 feet in length. Knot it about every 5 feet. Get a special treat that your dog loves more than anything (hamburger, hotdogs, cheese, liver, etc.).

Hook your dog on long line. Keep it simple by keeping the long line short. Put the special treat in your hand. Lure your dog with the treat as you run away.

As your dog follows say “come.” Then c/t. Give your dog crumb size pieces for 20-30 seconds to make it worth it!

Keep repeating this until it is easy for your dog to come. Now walk about 10-5 feet away from your dog.

Run away from your dog and as he follows you say “come.” C/t and give 20-30 of the special treat again. Middlefield dog training takes time and commitment so stick with it.

Keep repeating this until your dog come off of multiple distractions. Eventually, your dog will start to come to you while you stand stationary.

When that happens reliably you can have your dog off leash.

Call us if you need help. We love Middlefield dog training.

Johanna Teresi, Middlefield Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Middlefield Dog Training

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