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Does Your Dog Blow You Off Instead of Come? – West Farmington Puppy School

Come - West Farmington Puppy School

Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington Puppy School

Does your dog not come back when you call him? Your heart beats fast and fear fills your body. The big question pops up in your brain “how do I get my dog back now?”.

I have had this experience and personally I hate this feeling. Let’s save you from ever having to experience this.

Of course, the solution is to train your dog to “come.” Then you will feel ultimate peace. No more fear about your dog not coming when called.

Many of you live in the country if you live near or in West Farmington. Puppy school is a must so that your dog or puppy doesn’t run off.

Ann Rubin was a client of mine in West Farmington. Puppy school was a huge commitment for her.

Ann didn’t want Teddy, her Labradoodle, running off, so we began to train “come.”

When you are outdoors do the following:

1.) Hook your dog or puppy to a long line.

2.) Show your dog a treat. Run in the opposite direction and say “come.”

3.) When your dog arrives to you, grab your dog’s collar.

4.) Give your dog or puppy 20-30 seconds of a very special treat that he only gets for “come.” This could be cooked chicken or cheese.

5.) Continually practice until your dog or puppy will come with just the running prompt.

6.) Keep practicing until your dog will come when you are standing stationary.

7.) Keep your dog on the long line in all of the above steps.

8.) Do NOT let your dog off leash until you have practice with multiple distractions in your yard.

9.) Always set your dog or puppy up for success.

If you need help in West Farmington, puppy school with “come” is our expertise.

Johanna Teresi, Puppy Trainer, West Farmington, Four Legged Scholars LLC, West Farmington Puppy School

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