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You are wanting to train your dog because your dog isn’t doing exactly what you want or because you want to prevent him from developing behavioral problems in the future. You might be coming to us with immense frustration as a result of your dog’s bad behavior.  One of the most scientifically effective ways to train is through reward-based training.  We understand that dog training results are important to you!  As a result we will support in you in creating the dog training results that you want to create through our Ohio dog training courses.

Positive reinforcement is another name for reward-based dog training.  By rewarding your dog for performing a behavior that you like, your dog will then begin to perform that behavior more frequently.  Eventually, you will be able to reward your dog less and your dog will still perform these new behaviors reliability.  The old or unwanted behaviors will lesson in frequency.


From Pain to Peace.  Here are the Benefits You will Receive from Training with Us:


1.) Your dog will listen to the commands that you request.

2.) Your dog will walk loosely on the leash on an Ohio dog training walk.

3.) Your dog will come easily when you call him.

4.) You will feel peace in your home and on dog walks.

5.) You will learn how to communicate with your dog effectively.

6.) Any behavioral problems that are occurring will be corrected.  These may include: jumping, leash pulling, not coming when called, chewing, barking, house soiling, aggression, fearful behavior and much more!


Results are Super Valuable


As an Ohio dog trainer, it is important that we create more peace in your household and on dog walks! We will teach you the dog training secrets.  You will learn to give your dog a reward such as a treat or toy for performing behaviors that you love.  In time, your dog will then perform those desired behaviors more often.  Training will also be pleasurable for both you and your dog.  As a result, your dog will want to be around you and will want to listen to you.


Our Services are Unique


1.) We come personally to your home.

2.) We give you clear homework steps so you know exactly what practice with your dog.

3.) We do sessions in real life environments such as parks, hikes, and street walks.

4.) We support you in overcoming any obstacles that arise and may prevent you from doing your dog training homework.

5.) We hold you accountable so that you are committed enough to create the Ohio dog training results you desire!

6.) We listen with compassion and understanding.  The issues and concerns you are having are important to us.


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