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“As first time dog owners my husband and I needed some help training over energetic puppy!
After a couple of weeks, our friends and my husband and I noticed a huge change for the better in our
puppy! The training classes helped and changed our busy lives for the best!!!!”

– Colleen O’Donnell Studzinski – Hudson, Ohio – Puppy Training

A Success Story Involving Dog Aggression

dog aggression

The Sewell family was struggling with dog aggression Angela’s dog, Tara, had dog aggression. Angela called me in distress regarding Tara’s behavior. She was extremely worried about her dog biting people. Tara, her boxer mix had already bitten someone. She didn’t want it to happen again. Plus she had two kids that both had friends over often. She wanted to keep Tara in her family and feel safe. As a solution, Tara purchased our Calm Dog Program for Aggression. Tara’s triggers Most dogs who suffer from dog aggression are friendly in many circumstances. They are triggered at certain times to act aggressively. The rest of the time the dog appears friendly. For Tara, she got along great with her immediate family. When strangers came into the home it was a […]

A Success Story of a Fearful Dog

Fearful Dog Training Works

Jessica Hoskins called me feeling distressed about her fearful dog. Tosha, a golden retriever, felt fear in the outdoor environment. The owner felt anxious every time she took her dog outside. When Tosha heard noises she wanted to dart back inside the house. She couldn’t take her to public stores and parks because she didn’t want Tosha to have an awful experience. She purchased the Calm Dog Program. Click on the link to learn more. Jessica’s Review of Four Legged Scholars LLC “Johanna was helpful in getting to better understand what worked and how to work through my dogs fear issues. Johanna is knowledgeable in and explained to me behavioral aspects of dogs and how their brains processed things. My 1 & 1/2 year old golden retriever (Tosha) was unable […]

An Overview on Dog Friendly Hiking – A Success Story

Dog Friendly Hiking

The difficulty of hiking with Boats Karen called me and was very frustrated with her two year old Standard Poodle, Boats. Dog friendly hiking wasn’t happening because Boats barked at other dogs and pulled on the leash. Her dog was out of control. When she interacted with Boats, also wanted to jump and bite her. Boats was perceived as dominant and out of control. When Karen tried to walk Boats he pulled her so hard. She felt she was completely loosing control of him. Boats also barked at almost every dog he saw. This was not only during hiking but also in their yard. I came to her house and realized that Boats was anxious, and we needed to implement strategies to get Boats to calm down. Karen and her […]

Dog Training in Chardon Ohio – A Success Story on How to Stop Leash Pulling

Dog Training Chardon Ohio – How to Stop Leash Pulling

The Leash Pulling Problem Linda called Four Legged Scholars LLC in distress. Her German Shepherd, Evie was pulling so hard on the leash that Linda was getting injured. She also was reacting by barking and lunging when she saw other dogs on leash walks. As a result, Linda had not walked her dog in two years. She felt fear about walking her due to her reactions. She also felt sadness because she really enjoyed running at Big Creek in Chardon and wanted to be able to take Evie with her. When I showed up at the house, I was surprised how hard Evie pulled on the leash. As a professional dog trainer, I have seen many dogs pull on the leash but Evie was the strongest puller that I had […]

A Family’s Success Story: From Crazy to Listening Well – Mantua Dog Obedience

German Shepherds - Mantua Dog Obedience

Mantua Dog Obedience Four Legged Scholars LLC Wayne and Jodi called me with two beautiful long-haired German Shepherds. Both of the dogs were highly attached to each other. The owners could not get their dogs to listen to them. They were more excited about playing with each other. Their names were Isabella and Zoltar. Isabella was crazy on the leash with pulling. Jodi really didn’t like to walk Isabella at all. Both dogs jumped in a crazy manner when guests came over. They also didn’t listen to “come”. The owners love camping and they wanted to be able to bring both of their dogs camping and have them listen. Leash walking was a high priority so they could enjoy the campground and surrounding areas. The owners jumped on Mantua dog […]

Success Story – From Loosing Control to Listening – Puppy Training – Hiram

Springer Spaniel - Puppy Training - Hiram

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training – Hiram Paul and Pat called me. They were feeling frustrated because their Springer Spaniel, Chena, was out of control. Paul has had Springer Spaniels in the past and all of them listened to him easily. Chena was not that way. As a result, they were lost and needed help. They purchased the Dependable House Puppy Program, and we immediately began doing puppy training. Hiram is where Chena and her family live. The biggest problem was the peeing. They were sick of cleaning up accidents. When guests came to visit, Chena was so excited that she would pee on the floor. We worked on helping Chena to calm down and feeling more relaxed when guests came over. She learned to sit and wait […]

From Relentless Play Biting to Stopping & Listening – A Family’s Success with Their Puppy – West Farmington Obedience School

Brittany Spaniel - West Farmington Obedience School

Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington Obedience School Jennifer called Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington Obedience School. She was frantic. Her new Brittany Spaniel puppy was biting everyone in the house. She was worried that her puppy was being aggressive and the behavior seemed relentless. She had two children (10 yr and 13 yrs). Both of them including the parents felt super stressed by this biting behavior. After I came to the home, Jennifer’s family purchased the Dependable House Dog program. They live in West Farmington. Obedience school was our main goal with this cute puppy. Within just one session they felt relieved. Everyone felt empowered and much stress was relieved. Ginger, the Brittany Spaniel was only 10 weeks of age. As a result, the puppy biting […]

A Family’s Success – From Feeling Mega Stressed to Feeling Happy – Garrettsville – Puppy Training

Bernedoodle - Garrettsville - Puppy Training

Four Legged Scholars – Garrettsville – Puppy Training I received a call from Sarah. She had a 6 month Bernedoodle named Roxie. She and her family loved Roxie very much. However, the parents were mega stressed because Roxie was having multiple potty accidents in the house and in her crate. They read about making the crate smaller and she was still having accidents. Her husband, Dan, had a heart condition so being stressed was really detrimental for him. They needed this behavior to change now. I came to Sarah’s house in Garrettsville. Puppy training turned into the Dependable House Dog Program which consisted of three personal training sessions for the entire family including their children. Within a week they had a huge shift. Roxie went from having accidents every day […]

Success Story – From Knowing Nothing to Listening Well – West Farmington – Dog School

Pit Bull - West-Farmington - Dog School

Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington – Dog School Susan called me with a dog that she couldn’t control. Petey, was a cute Pit Bull that pretty did whatever he wanted when he wanted to do it. Susan didn’t know how to get him to listen.  She was struggling with a large dog that was jumping on guests, ignoring her, not coming when called, and had bad leash manners. Susan purchased eight sessions with us so that we could work on West Farmington dog school with Petey. In just two sessions, Petey began jumping on people less and was listening. By Thanksgiving, Susan went to a large family gathering and Petey was so good that he didn’t jump on anyone! During the winter months, she travels to Florida. She […]

A Family’s Success From Feeling Lost to Having a Puppy that Listens – Puppy Training – Streetsboro

Siberian Husky -Puppy Training - Streetsboro-compressor

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training – Streetsboro Marjorie Monk called me in regards to her son’s dog Smokey, a four-month old Siberian Husky. Jesse, her son, and her were struggling with this puppy because he loved jumping on people and was having accidents regularly in the house. He also was chewing toilet paper and furniture in the house. The owners were frustrated and were not sure how to solve these problems. Jesse immediately decided to do four sessions with us and purchased The Dependable House Dog. Puppy training (Streetsboro) was our main focus, we immediately addressed the jumping and house training issue. Smokey was a puppy that excited easily and had tons of energy. More so than most puppies I have seen. However, in just the first session […]

Dog Training Group Obedience Course - Kent Ohio

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