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JOHANNA, THE TRAINER (Middlefield Ohio)

Serving Geauga Portage, Trumbull and Ashtabula Counties

At age 8, I received my first puppy from a free puppy litter up the street in Garrettsville, Ohio.

She became my best friend and I enjoyed training her cute tricks.

When I got older I joined dog 4-H in Portage County and attended many obedience shows in Ohio.

More About Johanna, the Trainer

Ohio Dog Training Success Stories:

Colleen O’Donnell Studzinski from Hudson, Ohio
As first time dog owners my husband and I needed some help training over energetic puppy! After a couple of weeks, our friends and my husband and I noticed a huge change for the better in our puppy! The training classes helped and changed our busy lives for the best!!!!
Phillip Blevins with Sammy (Pit Bull Terrier)
As I was learning to train Sammy, there were times I felt lost and hesitant. Johanna easily noticed this hesitancy and helped shift my energy so that Sammy and my energy field’s were in alignment. I noticed when my attitude and my emotions were playful, I was able to manifest a faster response with Sammy’s behavior.
Tawni Hanseen and Todd Harman with Sadie (Yellow Labrador)
Johanna is amazing! She has helped us better understand our dog Sadie and has taught us how to get Sadie to do what we want. She even makes training fun. We live together much more peacefully now thanks to Johanna teaching us how to get Sadie’s attention. We would be lost without her. Thanks Johanna!
Paula Carl with Silly Billy and Princess Gus
She has been a real lifesaver! She has come to my home so patiently, week after week, trying to get me to learn the behaviors that I need to live happily with Silly Billy and Gus. She has been extremely prompt, professional and knowledgeable. She encourages me when I get discouraged, is optimistic when I feel down, and has generally become a real friend.