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Serving Geauga Portage, Trumbull and Ashtabula Counties

At age 8, I received my first puppy from a free puppy litter up the street in Garrettsville, Ohio.

She became my best friend and I enjoyed training her cute tricks.

When I got older I joined dog 4-H in Portage County and attended many obedience shows in Ohio.

More About Johanna, the Trainer (Middlefield, Ohio)

Johanna Teresi - Middlefield - Dog Trainer

Ohio Dog Training Success Stories:

Colleen O’Donnell Studzinski - Hudson - Puppy Training
As first time dog owners my husband and I needed some help training over energetic puppy! After a couple of weeks, our friends and my husband and I noticed a huge change for the better in our puppy! The training classes helped and changed our busy lives for the best!!!!
Anne Rubin - West Farmington - Puppy Training
Johanna is a gifted trainer. She has a deep understanding of dogs and their view of the world, which helps us humans understand a lot about their behavior. Johanna understands the complexities of training and helps the trainer to maintain a calmness that transfers to the dog.
Corrina Martin - Aurora - Dog Training
Trainer Johanna has taught us the skills we need to understand our dog’s frame of mind and most importantly to recognize dog body language. With patience, practice and excellent guidance of the trainer, our dog has become calmer and much more manageable in just a matter of weeks. No matter what issue you may be having with your dog, we highly recommend calling Four Legged Scholars to help solve the problem!
Rachel Downey - Garrettsville - Dog Training
I love them. Before they came, my dog max, didn't know how to sit for anything. He kept pulling on the leash when we went for walks on our road, and he kept not waiting when we tried to take him out. He would bolt out. Now he sits a waits for the leash to get it on him. He's such a great listener now.