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      Many people in Ohio want to feel peace and happiness with their dogs or puppies in their home. In home obedience training is our speciality so we can help people get their dog’s to listen where it is needed most. We assure you that we can help you feel peace and happiness with your dog everyday. Jump to FAQs Jump to Tips and Solutions to Common Problems Jump to Dog Training Resources

How long are the Middlefield obedience training sessions?

The first session lasts an hour and a half. The remainder sessions with us last for one hour.Middlefield Obedience - How to train sit


How often do we meet for Middlefield obedience training?

In general, we meet once a week for an hour. This ensures that you have plenty of time to practice your obedience homework.

Meeting weekly also ensures that you understand the obedience tools that we are teaching you to apply with your dog.


Where are the Middlefield obedience training courses held?

We find it works best when we meet personally at your home. This allows your dog to learn in his home environment.

It also, allows you to grasp the obedience concepts faster because we personally work with you in your home.

We drive to your home and will drive up to 45 minutes from Middlefield. We will drive to many surrounding cities in Geauga, Portage, Ashtabula and Trumbull Counties.


Do you train the dog for me or do I personally do the obedience training myself?

It works best if you know what to do train your dog yourself. As a result, we train you to train your dog.

Your problem solving skills are strengthened because you know the steps to take when your dog is being disobedient.

This helps you feel confident, empowered, happy and peaceful.

How often should I train my dog?

It is best to obedience train your dog everyday. We recommend that you train in two ways.

  • Set aside time each day to do obedience training. These sessions should be about 2-5 minutes long. It is a good idea to do 2-5 sessions of these throughout the day.
  • Train whenever he is disobedient. For example, if you are working on settle and your dog is jumping, this is time to work on training settle.


What do I do when my dog is disobedient?

Most people want to tell their dog “no” when they are being disobedient. In general, this does not work well.

It works better when your dog is told what to do. For example, if your dog is chewing on your shoe, it is better to say “leave it” rather than “no”.

Your dog knows to back away or look away from the object that he was just chewing.

Saying “no” does not tell your dog what you want him to do so he will be confused.

Obedience in Middlefield works best when you train your dog what you want him to do instead.


How long will it take for me to get my dog to be obedient?Labradoodle - Obedience-Middlefield

Most people experience shifts in their dogs within the first week of training. Obedience is much easier to train than a strong behavioral problem.

There are variables that affect how fast your dog learns. How often you train your dog and how consistent you are with following through with your obedience homework will affect how fast your dog learns to be obedient.


Do you offer reward-based obedience training?

Yes, at Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience Middlefield, we only offer positive obedience training for your dog or puppy. We believe in using methods that are proven through science to work.

We never use choke collars, prong collars or shock collars under any circumstances.

You can rest assured that your dog will learn in a way that is caring and loving.

When punishment based dog training is used, many dogs develop aggression or fear problems. This is because punishment based training uses fear to get a dog to listen.

We would prefer to teach your dog to listen to you because he trusts you and wants to listen.

For more information on why positive obedience training in Middlefield is a good idea check out the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.


Do you use treats during obedience training in Middlefield?

Yes, treats are the best way to train a dog when using positive obedience training. Sometimes we may use play as a reward.

However, treats are easier to carry and give to your dog when rewarding “good” obedient behavior.


Will my dog get sick from eating so many treats?

No, obedience training doesn’t require as many treats as a behavioral problem would.

Also, we can use your dog’s food / kibble for training, and we can also ration the amount of treats that we use.


Will my dog gain weight from doing obedience training (Middlefield)?

It is easy to keep your dog at a healthy weight and still do obedience training.

If you are using your dog’s meals for training. Take a portion of your dog’s meals and use that in your dog training. Your dog will not get any excess food then.

If you are giving your dog treats, cut back a bit on his meals so that he is getting less food at mealtimes.


My dog is not food motivated. How can you help teach my dog obedience?

I love an answer that a fellow colleague said to me at a dog obedience seminar. She said that any dog that eats is food motivated or he would be dead.

It is true that some dogs are motivated more by food than others but all dogs are motivated by food.

There are many reasons for your dog to be less food / treat motivated.

  • Your dog maybe full. As a result, giving him less food during mealtimes will make him more hungry.
  • Your dog may be a picky eater. You may need to experiment to find what treats actually excite your dog. Human food such as turkey hotdogs, cheese and chicken can be more exciting.
  • Your dog maybe stressed. An anxious dog does not want to eat much. We can teach your dog to relax. Then he will want to eat treats.


What type of treats should I use?

Labrador-Sit - Obedience - Middlefield


In the home environment when your dog isn’t super distracted use a portion of your dog’s meals. There is no need to buy tons of dog treats unless your dog is not motivated to work for his food.

If you need to use treats, small and soft treats work best. Pea-sized or smaller is perfect.

Harder dog treats tend to be less motivating when training obedience. They also take much longer for your dog to chew.

You can find great dog treats at the following stores: Pet Supplies Plus, Pet Valu, Petco, Petsmart, PetPeople, The Tractor Supply Store, and some Ceterra‘s.



We love the following brands of treats:

Some dog foods can be used in replacement of dog treats:


What is a clicker?

A clicker is a training tool that is usually plastic and has a metal section that you push to make a clicking noise.

You will train your dog to understand the meaning of the clicker. A click means a treat is coming.

Once your dog understands this concept we pair the click with obedient behavior. This tells the dog that he was obedient and a treat is coming.

The click serves as a time gap between the behavior and the treat. As a result, you can reward obedience quickly.

By using the clicker your dog will become obedient faster than if you choose to not use the clicker.

The clicker is not to get your dog’s attention which is a myth that many people carry.

The clicker is also used when you are training a new obedient behavior. Once the dog establishes obedience, the clicker is no longer needed.

Are You Struggling with a Dog That Jumps?

Golden Retriever - Dog Obedience - Middlefield

Many of our Middlefield clients come to us with a dog that is very hyper. He jumps on his owners and on guests. We have helped them get their dog to settle, so we can help you as well.

If your dog jumps on you, do the following to create obedience.

  • Ignore your dog by turning your back. Refrain from talking to your dog, giving your dog eye contact, or touching your dog.
    Once your dog sits click and treat (c/t) . Over time, because you are withdrawing attention for jumping your dog will choose to be obedient and sit. This is because he is getting rewarded for sitting.
    If your dog jumps on house guests. The house guests can turn their back when your dog jumps on them. You will c/t when your dog sits.
  • You can also use another method where you put your dog on-leash. Have the guest approach your dog. If your dog goes to jump on them have them turn and walk away. Stand stationary with your dog on-leash.
    Then have the guest approach your dog again. If your dog chooses to be obedient by sitting, you can c/t. Repeat until the approach of the guest is correlated with sitting.


Are You Frustrated Because Your Dog is Being Destructive?

Maybe your dog is chewing on the sofa, pillows, table, chairs or other objects in your house.  We understand the frustration and can help you.

Saying “no” rarely works to create obedience because your dog doesn’t know what you want him to do.

Training “leave it” usually works much better.  This obedience command is trained in steps.

  • Start with a treat in your closed hand. When your dog backs away or turns his head away from your hand say “leave it” and c/t (click and treat).
    Once your dog is readily being obedient by moving or turning away from the treat you can add the command “leave it.”
    Work with a variety of items that you can fit in your closed hand to help with generalization.
  • Now place a treat in your open hand. When your dog moves toward the treat close your hand to ensure that he cannot eat the treat.
    When your dog moves away from your hand or turns his head away, open your hand again and present the treat.
    When your dog turns his head away or backs away from the visible treat in your open hand say “leave it” and c/t.
    Repeat with a variety of small items in your open hand.
  • Next place a treat on the floor underneath your foot. When your dog is obedient and backs away from the treat or turns his head away from the treat say “leave it” and c/t.
    Do this with a variety of items that you can fit underneath your foot.
  • Last, begin to uncover the treat underneath your foot. If your dog is disobedient and goes to eat the treat on the floor, cover the treat with your foot.
    If the treat is uncovered and your dog backs away or turns his head away from the treat say “leave it” and c/t.
    Generalize this command to a variety of objects around the house so that your dog chooses to listen to your “leave it” command rather than chew items in your house.

Proofing your Middlefield home can also help with obedience too. This means that you put items that your dog may chew on behind closed doors.

Make sure you have a variety of items that your dog can chew on that change constantly so that your dog doesn’t get bored.

The resources section below has some links for items that are great objects for your dog to chew.



Are You Annoyed by Barking and Whining?

How to get your dog to listen - Dog Obedience - Middlefield

We know how annoying and loud barking and whining can be. This is why we want to assure you that we can help.

We are focusing on barking and whining that is not related to aggression or fear here.

When dogs or puppies are young they will bark or whine for attention. Teach your dog or puppy that in order to get what he wants he must be “obedient” first.

If your dog wants his ball thrown and he is barking. Turn your back when your dog barks for attention. Once he is obedient and quiet throw the ball.

If your dog barks for a treat. Ignore him until he is quiet. Once he is quiet give him the treat.

Withhold anything that your dog wants until he is quiet and obedient. Your dog in turn will learn Middlefield obedience because he knows that in order to get what he wants he has to behave.


Does it Hurt When Your Puppy Mouths or Bites Your Hands and Feet?

We know the pain and the frustration. Let’s help you stop this behavior and create obedience instead.

We are referring to a dog that is mouthing or biting you because he wants to play or is teething. If your dog is biting because he being aggressive or fearful this is separate issue.

To prevent mouthing during petting, give your dog a toy to chew on while you are petting him.

If he is biting you when you are playing with him, stop playing with him when he goes to mouth you. Once he stops mouthing, start playing with him again.

Overtime, he will learn that he has to be obedient for you to pet him or play with him.


Are You Feeling Angry Because Your Dog is Peeing and /or Pooping in the House?

We know how messy this problem can be. Let’s help stop this disobedience now.

Start by setting-up your dog toward success. Make sure you take your dog out often enough to have the option to potty outside. For new puppies we recommend every hour. For older dogs it might 2-3 hours. Be consistent with the amount of time throughout the day.

Have your dog on a consistent feeding schedule and measure the amount of food that you feed your dog daily.

When it is time to potty outside. Go outside with your dog on-leash. Stand still and be boring for 2-5 minutes. Once your dog is obedient and goes potty click and treat immediately after your dog goes potty. Then go inside.

If your dog has an accident in the house, immediately take him outside to potty. Do not yell or hit or your dog. Make sure you clean up the mess with an enzymatic cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle.

Looking for even more Positive Dog Training Resources?Red Heeler - Middlefield - Dog Obedience

A well know positive dog obedience trainer that has tons of tips: Victoria Stilwell

A great positive obedience trainer that invented clicker training: Karen Pryor.

Resources to help your dog be obedient on leash walks in Middlefield:

A great resource to educate your children on how to properly interact with your dog. Dog Gone Safe

An awesome resource to look-up positive obedience training books. Dog Wise

A great tool to relax your dog. Through a Dog’s Ear

Great items for your dog to chew to encourage dog obedience. You can find many of these items at the Tractor Supply Store, Petsmart, Petco or Pets Supplies Plus.

Learning to read your dog’s body language can help with obedience as well.

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