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Middlefield Ohio -Dog Training – Articles

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Dog Friendly Shopping in Geauga County

Dog Friendly Shopping Near Me

Would you like to shop with your dog? Just think you can take your dog with you when you run errands instead of leaving your dog at home. Leaving your dog at home when you run errands, takes time away from your beloved family member. It also leaves time for your dogs to get bored and possibly get into trouble. Fortunately, there are many stores that will allow you to take your well-behaved dog with you. You can now feel rest assured that you can do at least some errands and bring your dog with you. We highly recommend that you call ahead and make sure that the rules and regulations about dogs has not changed for the stores listed below. Dog Friendly Shopping – Near Middlefield Ohio The Tractor […]

Are You Struggling with a Fearful Dog ? – Obedience Windham

Fearful Dog - Obedience Windham

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience – Windham and Surrounding Areas Are you frustrated with your dog because he is constantly fearful? Do you feel like you don’t know how to help your dog move through his fears? We understand this stress and can help you. Currently, we have a client in Windham. Obedience is important to her surrounding her dog, Tosha, because she bolts away when she is feeling fear. This creates much stress for the owner because she wants her dog to fully feel peace, and she wants to make sure that her dog will be safe. As a result, she called Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Obedience, Windham to help her. She is a new client, and I wanted to write about some of the things we […]

Help My Dog Bolts Out My Door – Dog Obedience Newbury

Rottweiler - Dog Obedience - Newbury

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience Newbury and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with a dog that bolts out the door? We understand the stress and can help you get your dog stop this behavior. Let’s create more peace in your life with your dog now. When I am working on dog obedience Newbury clients have found “wait at the door” to be helpful. Here are the steps to train “wait at the door.” 1.) Put your dog on a leash so that you are being safe with your dog. This way if your dog tries to run out the door you will not loose him. Make sure you are holding the leash in your hand or have it attached to a secure object. 2.) Ask your dog to sit. […]

Confused on When Your Dog Needs to Go Potty? – Obedience Middlefield Ohio

Ring for Potty - Obedience Middlefield Ohio

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience Middlefield Ohio and Surrounding Areas Are you feeling confused because you don’t know when your dog needs to go to the bathroom? We completely understand and can help you. I have had many clients that have trouble knowing when their dog needs to go potty so you are not alone. Here are some common times that your dog will need to go potty: After waking up in the morning.Before bed at night.Before and after putting him in his crate.Before putting him in your car.Before playing with him. If you randomly feed your dog meals then his bowels and bladder will not be regulated. I recommend that you feed your dog at regular and consistent times in the morning and evening. Journaling when your dog […]

9 Must Know Treats to Use During Dog Training – Dog School Middlefield

Border Collie - Dog School - Middlefield

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog School – Middlefield and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with finding the “right” training treat to use when training your dog? This is a common issue that we see many clients go through. We can help you so that you can easily have treats on hand for dog training. Honestly, when I am dealing with clients near me for dog school, Middlefield has the Tractor Supply Store which I love. This place has many treats that work well for training. As a general rule of thumb, your dog will respond best if you stay away from dry dog treats. Most of these treats just don’t smell “good” enough to use for dog training. If your dog isn’t motivated during dog school, Middlefield dog owners […]

Stressed Because Your Dog Is Fearful of Kids? – Dog School Garrettsville

Border Collie - Dog School - Garrettsville

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog School – Garrettsville and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with a dog that doesn’t like kids? We understand the stress. Let us help you create peace now. This past Sunday, my daughter helped Charlie at dog school. Garrettsville is where Charlie lives. Charlie, a Labrador, feels a bit uneasy around children. If puppies are not socialized around certain types people when they are younger, they can develop fears around those types of people. Genetics can also play a factor. Past experiences can also attribute to fears if they were traumatic to your dog. Iris, my daughter was excited to help out. Her job was to remain calm and help Charlie develop a positive association with her. She felt scared at first like Charlie but […]

4 Tips to Create Successful Leash Walks – Garrettsville Dog School

Loose Leash Walking Garrettsville - Dog School

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Garrettsville Dog School and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with leash walks this spring? Let’s help you create peaceful leash walks now so you can enjoy spring with your dog. Here are some tips to help you with leash walking from a Garrettsville dog school (Four Legged Scholars LLC): 1.) Keep your walks short and successful. Long walks where your dog is pulling is stressful. Start with just 5 -15 minute walks until both you and your dog are ready for longer walks. Give frequent rewards for walking on a loose leash. Generally, you will be clicking and treating every 1-2 seconds or less for now. 2.) Start training in your home or other low distracting areas. Move to more distracting areas when both you […]

Struggling with a Dog That Pulls On- Leash Walks? Dog School – Mantua

Loose Leash Walking - Dog School - Mantua

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog School – Mantua and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with a dog that pulls on the leash? Does it feel like your dog is crazy on-leash walks? We assure you that we can help. Let’s create peaceful leash walks now. It is spring and you want to walk your dog around the neighborhood, at nearby parks or when you go camping. Let’s help you create enjoyable leash walks. We recently had a client in Mantua, dog school was our focus. They wanted their two dogs to walk loosely on the leash. They loved to go camping and wanted to be able to walk their dogs around the campground and have a good time with their dogs. As a result, we focused much on leash […]

Struggling with a Hyper Dog? Mantua – Dog School

Chocolate Labrador - Mantua - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Mantua – Dog School and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with your dog because your dog is so hyper? We understand how much stress this can cause you. Let’s help you relieve this stress and regain peace in your home. There are many forms of hyper dog behavior. I have seen dogs that bark alot when excited, jump excessively, pace while whining, etc. This post is to help churn your mind into how you can do things differently in your household to get your dog to start to relax more often. If you live in Mantua. Dog school is our expertise. Even though we live in Geauga County we do serve Portage County as well. So we can help you. Here are a few tips […]

Do You Feel Stressed When You Take Your Dog to the Vet? – Chagrin Falls – Dog Training

Newfoundland - Chagrin Falls - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Chagrin Falls – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas Do you struggle when it is time to take your dog to the vet? We know how stressful this can be. Let’s help you create peaceful vet visits. You can get your dog to like or at least tolerate the vet. Start by “playing vet” at home. Do things that your vet will do to your dog and make it positive. You can go to the store and buy a toddler’s doctor kit. Acclimate your dog to the different toys in the kit. The best to acclimate your dog is through counter conditioning. This is a form of (Chagrin Falls) dog training. Pair the object or the action with treats. For example: show your dog a thesecope […]