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Puppy Training – Middlefield Ohio – Articles

Do you wish your puppy listened better to you?

You are in the right place, and we can definitely help you.

Help! My Puppy Does NOT Like His Crate – Puppy School Burton

Puppy Training - Burton -Ohio

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy School Burton and Surrounding Areas Do you struggle with getting your puppy in his crate? We understand this stress, and we can help you. Currently, we are working with Smokey, a husky that does not like his crate. I ran into this same problem with Teddy, a Labradoodle. Both owners were struggling to get their puppies in their crates so they began to force their puppies into their crates. Of course, this made the pups more resistant to go into the crates. The owners felt more stress because they need their puppy to go into the crate to prevent chewing and house training problems. For crate training jump on puppy school. Burton owners can benefit from learning about shaping. Keep your puppy’s crate door […]

Frustrated with Potty Accidents in the House? – Middlefield – Puppy Training

Middlefield - Puppy Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Middlefield – Puppy Training Are you frustrated by the numerous accidents that your puppy has in your house? This is common for many puppy owners so you are not alone. We are here to help you. If you live in Middlefield, puppy training is something that we offer in your home. Almost every puppy that we have trained in someone’s home has suffered with poop and pee accidents in the home. Many owners struggle with how to handle this situation. I want you to first understand that your puppy has no idea that you want him to pee and poop outside. He is more than happy to go inside your home. As a result, you need to motivate him to change this behavior. The best […]

Must Know Information for Puppy Owners – Burton – Puppy Training

How to train your puppy - Burton-Puppy-Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Burton – Puppy Training and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with crazy puppy behavior? You are not alone. We receive many calls from people who are struggling with their puppy’s hyper behavior. Fortunately, we have been able to help them get their puppies to settle. As a result, we can help you too. We have noticed that people get very confused on the proper way to train their puppies because there is so much information out there. We wanted to help you  and other puppy owners near Burton. Puppy training can seem complex so here are some things you definitely want to stay away from doing. 1.) Yelling at your puppy when he / she is doing any bad behavior. 2.) Rubbing your puppy’s muzzle […]

Frustrated Because Your Puppy Runs Away Instead of Coming? – Chesterland – Puppy Training

how to train come - Chesterland Puppy Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Chesterland – Puppy Training and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with a puppy that wants to play chase instead of come to you when you call him? Recently two people called with this issue so you are definitely in good company with this problem. We also want you to feel that you can get your puppy to come to you. It’s simple. Let us help you. We are currently working with a puppy name Sammy, a Maltese, in Gates Mills with is near Chesterland. Puppy training with a strong focus on “come” is this family’s desire. When it was time to catch Sammy runs around the house to avoid being caught. It can take the up to 20 min to catch him. Other times when […]

How to Get Your Puppy to Come in Your Yard – Puppy Training – West Farmington

How to train come - Puppy - Training -West - Farmington-

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training – West Farmington and Surrounding Areas Are you stressed because your puppy won’t come to you when you call him in your yard? We understand your fears and can help you. Let’s get your puppy to come now. We just worked with Teddy on come and he is learning this command very well through our puppy training. West Farmington is where he lives. For the best success start by training this command indoors. Then when you go to practice it outside have your puppy on a long line that is 10-20 ft in length. Determine an enticement that you can use with your puppy. Clapping your hands, whistling, running away, happy sounds, kissing sounds etc.  Once you know how to entice your puppy […]

Learn About This Huge Mistake to Get Your Dog to Listen Now – Puppy Obedience – West Farmington


Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Obedience – West Farmington and Surrounding Areas Are you suffering from a puppy or dog that isn’t listening to you? Let’s end that suffering now and get your dog to listen. Teddy is a great puppy and he is learning a ton about puppy obedience. West Farmington is where Teddy, a Labradoodle, lives. His owner is learning a ton about how to get Teddy to listen, and it is working. One of the biggest mistakes that we want you to know about is about mirroring. When your dog is stressed, it is easy for you to be stressed. When your dog reacts (barks, growls etc.) at another dog, it is easy for you to feel angry or fearful. When your dog isn’t listening to […]

Help! My Puppy Does Not Like His Crate! – Puppy Training – West Farmington


Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training – West Farmington Are you struggling with a puppy that doesn’t want to go into his crate? We understand, and we can help. We are currently working with a Labradoodle with puppy training. West Farmington is where he lives. Teddy, the Labradoodle has chosen to not want to go into his crate anymore. The crate has become a negative place for him. We are leaving the door open to the crate and doing a training technique called shaping. This means that we wait for Teddy to do a random behavior that we like then we c/t (click and treat) that behavior. For now we are clicking and treating when he moves toward the crate or goes into the crate. This past week Teddy […]

Help! My Puppy Jumps All Over My Child! – West Farmington – Puppy Training

Golden Retriever-West-Farmington-Puppy-Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington – Puppy Training and Surrounding Areas Is your new puppy struggling to get along with your child? Is your child developing fear around your new puppy? This is a common problem. We can help. Currently, we are training in West Farmington. Puppy training is our focus with a Labradoodle named, Teddy. Teddy’s owner lives with her daughter, her daughter’s husband and her daughter’s son. Their child is only 2 years old and is named Sam. He is scared around Teddy because Teddy jumps on him. When Teddy jumps, Sam tends to move around and kick like most children will do. Teddy thinks that Sam wants to play so he gets even more hyper. We gave this family homework for this cute boy, Sam. […]

Is Your New Puppy Driving You Crazy? – Puppy Training – West Farmington


Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training – West Farmington and Surrounding Areas Is your new puppy blowing you off? Are you stressed because your puppy is not following your command? We understand how stressful this can be. Anne is working with us personally on puppy training. West Farmington is where she lives. Her puppy, Teddy, a Labradoodle, listens now. Your puppy can learn to listen to you too. Here are a few tips to help create more puppy peace in your home. 1.) Supervise your puppy at all times so unexpected items don’t get chewed. This also prevents unknown house accidents from happening. 2.) Crate your puppy when you are not able to watch him. 3.) Reward good behavior that you like. With Teddy we immediately started rewarding with […]

Help! I Just Cannot Get My Dog to Listen! – Dog Training – Parkman

How to get your dog to listen - Dog Training - Parkman

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Parkman and Surrounding Areas Oh, the struggle to get our dogs to listen is real. We understand the stress. Let’s help you create more peace in your home. This past weekend, I went to see Pat Miller who spoke at a seminar called Positive Solutions to Aggression. She didn’t just focus on dog training. Parkman dog owners would be pleased that it went deeper than that. We discussed a lot about how cortisol builds up in the dog’s body when the dog is stressed, the cortisol can stay in the body for 3-7 days! This is such a long time from what we think is just one incident. I generalized this over to dog owners. I know many dog owners give their […]