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The Benefits of Dog Training – Middlefield Ohio

Reward-Based Dog Training – Middlefield Ohio – Creates Peace of Mind

Do you wish your dog listened better to you?

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or embarrassed by your dog’s behavior?Puppy-Obedience-Middlefield

Science says that reward-based dog training works and it works fast.

We assure you that we can help through our Middlefield, Ohio dog training courses.

Positive reinforcement is another name for reward-based dog training.  Reward your dog for performing behaviors that you like and your dog will perform these behaviors more often.

Over time, you will be able to reward your dog less and your dog will still perform these new behaviors reliability.  Watch the unwanted behaviors disappear.

By TrainDown on Command - Dog Training - Middlefield Ohioing With Us You Will Gain Peace of Mind.

1.) Your dog will listen to the commands that you request.

2.) You will feel peace in your home or on dog walks.

3.) You will feel more joy and happiness with your dog.

4.) Unwanted behaviors will stop. These may include: jumping, leash pulling, not coming when called, chewing, barking, house soiling, aggression, fearful behavior and much more!

We Care About Helping You.

As a Middlefield, Ohio dog trainer, it is important that we create more peace in your household and on dog walks!

We will teach you the dog training secrets. So you will confident that you can get your dog to listen.

Training will also be fun for you and your dog.

Your dog will want to be around you and will want to listen to you.

Our Services are Unique

1.) We come personally to your home in Ohio. We serve areas in the following counties: Geauga, Portage, Trumbull and Ashtabula.

2.) We give you clear homework steps so you know exactly what practice with your dog.

3.) We do sessions in real Ohio environments such as parks, hikes, and street walks.

4.) We help you overcome any obstacles that you have when training your dog.

5.) We make sure that you complete your homework.

6.) We listen with compassion and understanding.  The issues and concerns you are having are important to us.

Happy Training,

Johanna Teresi, Middlefield Ohio Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars, LLC, Dog Training, Northeast Ohio

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If you live in Sacramento California, I want you to know you are in good hands with Pam Francis-Tuss with Obedient Pups Professional Dog Training. California peeps check her out!