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Johanna’s Personal Stories – Dog Training – Middlefield Ohio

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Are You Feeling Frustrated By Your Barking Dog? – Rootstown – Dog Training

Portage County Dog Committee - Rootstown - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Rootstown – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with a dog that barks? We know how annoying this can be, and we understand. Let’s help create a quieter life for both you and your dog. Recently, I met Carrie Firth in Rootstown. Dog Training was a commonality for both of us. Carrie is part of the Portage County Dog Committee which advocates dog 4-H. When I was a child, I was in dog 4-H.  I remember learning about dog training from clinics and from my advisors. I loved it. I wanted to share my dog training knowledge, so I offered to do a clinic for one of the  Portage County Dog Training 4-H Clubs. Carrie arranged it, and she wanted me to talk […]

A Funny Skunk Story – Hiram – Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Hiram – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas When I was a child I absolutely loved border collies, and I still do. I lived near Hiram. Dog Training was such a huge focus of mine with Shadow. However, I failed many times with success as we all do. This is a story of one of many challenges. I was in high school and decided to take Shadow for a walk at Hiram College. It is quite the walk from Garrettsville so I took my car. I decided that the coast was clear from dogs or people so I let Shadow off leash to run. She was a very active dog and needed much exercise. Shortly, after taking her off leash she saw a skunk. I called […]

The Biggest Training Secret All Dog Owners Should Know – Dog Training – Garrettsville

Reward - Based Dog Training - Garrettsville

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Garrettsville Are you struggling with getting your dog to listen to you? Do you feel frustrated that you have to repeat commands to get your dog to respond? Do you feel that your dog only listens to you when you yell at him? You are not alone and we can help! I joined dog 4-H when I was in 4th grade and began actively dog training. Garrettsville was where I practiced at home but the actual 4-H meetings were held in Rootstown. I was taught to use punishment-based methods to get my Shetland Sheepdog to respond. When she didn’t listen, yelling and repeating the command worked great. However, in the end she felt defeated and do did I. It was the most […]

Are You and Your Dog Bored this Winter? Dog Training – Hiram

Red Heeler - How to train tricks - Dog Training - Hiram

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Hiram and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with walking your dog this winter and is your dog bored? Are you stressed because you can’t exercise your dog enough in the winter? You are not alone. Many Hiram dog owners struggle with this. We understand and we can help you. Surprisingly, your dog will love winter dog training. Hiram is cold and it may not be the best time to walk your dog. However, you dog can get mental and physical exercise by training tricks inside your home. I have taught quite a few classes where dog owners have learned to teach their dogs’ fun behaviors. They may seem pointless, but trick training gives your dog something new to learn and gives you something to […]

As A Teenager I Loved Dog Training – Dog Training – Aurora – Ohio

Johanna Teresi -Border Collie - Dog Training - Aurora

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Aurora, Ohio and Surrounding Areas Today, I am thinking of the past. I have been into dog training since I was a child. The Aurora Kennel was a place that I spent time volunteering. I honestly don’t remember how I met the instructor, Denny, but every week I drove all the way to Aurora from Garrettsville. Denny taught basic obedience courses and used reward-based dog training. She had about ten dogs in a class. My job was to help clients that didn’t understand the material that she was teaching. So when I saw a lost client I would go over to assist them. I spent extra time with them to help them with obedience. Aurora was a lucky place to have a […]

Are You Constantly Stressed By Your Dog’s Behavior? – Dog Training – Hiram

Red Heeler - Hiram - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Hiram Today, I was hiking at the Field Station in Hiram. Dog training is definitely something I am always thinking about. I am going through a profound experience that I wanted to relate to dog training. I know so many of you struggling with your dogs and are feeling stressed and frustrated. You are not alone and I am here to help. I am hoping this post helps you create more peace of mind with your dog. So that you can understand the whole concept that I am experiencing I am going back to Thanksgiving. I was riding in the car for about 2.5 hours in the car with my parents to see my brother. Normally this would be a very boring […]

Help This Doggie Get Out of the Dog Warden and Get Into a More Peaceful Environment – Dog Training – Ravenna

Blue Lacey - Dog Training - Ravenna

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Ravenna and Surrounding Areas Today, I again went to the Portage County Dog Warden and enjoyed dog training. Ravenna is where the Dog Warden is located. My hearts go out to many dogs that are at this shelter. One of them is a Blue Lacey named Stormy. In the kennel she is so stressed that she is barking and is showing much fear behavior. However, once she is out of the kennel her personality is much more relaxed. I believe she could go to a great home with someone that doesn’t have any children. In the meantime, we are looking for a dog rescue that could foster her until she finds a new home. Currently, the shelter environment is stressing her out. […]

Avoid this Big Mistake When Training a Reliable Come Command – Hiram – Puppy Training


Four Legged Scholars LLC – Hiram – Puppy Training and Surrounding Areas When I was a child, I made the biggest mistake with my first dog, Heather, a Shetland Sheepdog, when training “come.” I want you to learn from my mistakes so that you don’t make the same ones. I want you to have to a dog that “comes” every time you call him or close to that. I received my first dog when I was about 8 years, and Heather was just a puppy. I think she was about 2 months. I was a child, so I had normal child controlling behavior. When I wanted my puppy to do something, I wanted her to do it now. Unfortunately, as adults we still retain this quality. However, it doesn’t work very well […]

Volunteering at the Portage County Dog Warden – Dog Training – Kent

Pit Bull - Dog Training - Kent

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Kent and Surrounding Areas Every week, I go to to the Portage County Dog Warden and help increase adoptability for dogs by doing dog training. Kent is nearby but the Dog Warden is located in Ravenna, Ohio. Yesterday was the day I went to volunteer, and I trained three dogs, Clyde, Pogo and Harley. Clyde is a pit bull mix that has a ton of strength and is super smart. He would go best with a dog owner that can handle a stronger type of dog, and I believe it would be best to walk him on a Freedom Harness. We worked on his attention barking. He doesn’t do well when he is ignored. So I stood there ignoring him, and when he was […]

Success Stories at the Portage County Dog Warden – Ravenna – Dog Training

Hound Dog - Ravenna - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Ravenna Dog Training and Surrounding Areas This past Tuesday, I had a blast volunteering at the Portage County Dog Warden in Ravenna. Dog training is always my focus here. My experience this past week was really fun and I had much success with the dogs. I worked with Pogo, a pit bull terrier mix, who is a super jumpy dog. He has so much energy, and he is super cute. Last week, he struggled a ton with settling down in the kennel. This week he settled into a sit in his kennel much faster. When I took him out, he jumped much less than the previous week. We really worked on teaching him how to be calm and sit even when I was excited. Then we […]