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Are You Struggling with Choke, Prong, Shock Collars Etc.? – Positive Dog Training – Burton

Poodle - Positive Dog Training - Burton

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Positive Dog Training -Burton and Surrounding Areas

Do you struggle with using a prong collar, choke collar or shock collars on your dog?

We understand how challenging it can be to use these tools.

As a result, we want you to know that you are not alone, and we can help you.

Recently, we received a call with from a dog owner that lives in Burton and has a Rodesian Ridgeback.

Her dog lunges and barks on leash walks when he sees dogs and people. She invested money into a trainer that showed her how to use a choke collar.

When the trainer used the choke collar her dog, Rex, listened well to him. However, she had trouble using the choke collar.

First, her dog was strong. Popping the leash was hard as it required too much strength. She also found it hard to get the timing right.

If she waited too long Rex was pulling so hard that she wasn’t able to gain any control to pop the leash.

As a result, she got a prong collar. This seemed to help Rex walk on the leash without pulling, but he still lunged and barked when he saw other people and dogs.

She found that when she carried treats she was able to regain Rex’s attention and that worked a ton better than the choke or prong collar.

Surprisingly, reward based dog training works well when dogs have aggression or reactive issues.

She found that she liked positive dog training. Burton owners that are struggling with using the above tools may find that they like using rewards better.

Rex will stop reacting and listen sometime.. Verses when she used the other methods she got no response.

Together, we are going to work on positive dog training. Burton, in-home training is something that we offer. So we are personally going to her home to help.

Once she learns the missing links she will be able to get Rex to listen even better. We are super excited to help her.

Check out the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior to learn why positive dog training (Burton) is the better way to go.

Not only does it work but it is also proven to be the hottest training methods on the market. Science never lies.

We hope this helps you if you feel you are lost. There is another way and you can get your dog listen.

Johanna Teresi, Burton Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC – Positive Dog Training – Burton

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