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Do You Know a Veteran that Needs a Dog Companion? – Obedience Training – Burton

Companion Animal for Veterans - Obedience Training - Burton

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience Training Burton and Surrounding Areas

Do you have a veteran family member or friend that is struggling alone? We understand this pain and can help. Recently, I joined Pets for Vets.

We train dogs for veterans so that the veterans can have an emotional support animal.

I recently visited VCA Burton Animal Hospital and met with the office manager. She told me about Joan who is the head of the chapter for Pets for Vets for the Cleveland area.

I contacted Joan and met with her. I really wanted to train dogs for the veterans. After going to the interview process to ensure that I am a reward-based dog training, I was approved to be a trainer for Pets for Vets.

I am so excited! There are four other dog trainers in the Cleveland area that will be working with Pets for Vets.

The process is the following:

The veteran is interviewed.

We search for a dog that we will rescue for a shelter or animal rescue.

We rescue the dog. The dog goes through obedience training. Burton is near where I live so if you know of a veteran in Burton I can help him or her.

The dog is then adopted by the veteran to be his / her emotional support animal.

Pets for Vets follows-up to ensure all is going well.

I am so excited to do obedience training. Burton and surrounding areas is where I can train dogs for the veterans. The impact on society will be amazing.

Johanna Teresi, Burton Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience Training, Burton

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