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Are You and Your Dog Bored this Winter? Dog Training – Hiram

Red Heeler - How to train tricks - Dog Training - Hiram

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Hiram and Surrounding Areas

Are you struggling with walking your dog this winter and is your dog bored? Are you stressed because you can’t exercise your dog enough in the winter? You are not alone. Many Hiram dog owners struggle with this. We understand and we can help you.

Surprisingly, your dog will love winter dog training. Hiram is cold and it may not be the best time to walk your dog. However, you dog can get mental and physical exercise by training tricks inside your home.

I have taught quite a few classes where dog owners have learned to teach their dogs’ fun behaviors. They may seem pointless, but trick training gives your dog something new to learn and gives you something to do with your dog during the cold winter months.

Here are a list of simple tricks you can train your dog: sit up, spin, give kisses, spin, wave, wag his tail, find a treat, kick a ball with his foot or nose, dance on his hind legs, bow, roll over, jump, etc.

Here is a list of intricate tricks that you can train your dog: sit in a chair, say his prayers, fetch an item (book, keys etc.), put his toys away, go hide, ride a skateboard etc.

When training tricks through dog training, Hiram dog owners will be impressed to learn that you can do so using only positive reinforcement.

When I was a child I use to compete in an annual pet show that my dentist held in Mantua. All year I would be training tricks during dog training. Hiram, is where my dentist had her practice. So during my dental exams and teeth cleaning we would chat about animals and training. I loved it.

Heather, my Shetland Sheepdog, won many first prizes during my dentist’s shows, as she performed cute tricks.

Your dog can learn them too.

Here are a few simple tricks that you can start with.

For spin hold a treat at the height of your dog’s muzzle. Move your hand in a counter-clockwise circle or in a clockwise circle. Give your dog a treat as he follows the treat and spins.

For bow hold a treat in your hand. Start with your hand near your dog’s muzzle and move your hand toward the floor with a bit of a forward motion. As your dog bends at his shoulders putting his front end downward while leaving his backend in the air, give him a treat.

For wave hold a treat in a closed fist while your dog is in a sit. As your dog raises his leg to paw your hand give him a treat. Gradually move your hand farther way until he is waving instead of pawing your hand.

I hope you enjoy training these tricks. We understanding the burden of winter but it can be fun with dog training. Hiram friends and family will be impressed especially if you show-off the tricks during the holidays!

Johanna Teresi, Hiram Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Hiram and surrounding areas

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