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A Funny Skunk Story – Hiram – Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Hiram – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas

When I was a child I absolutely loved border collies, and I still do. I lived near Hiram. Dog Training was such a huge focus of mine with Shadow. However, I failed many times with success as we all do. This is a story of one of many challenges.

I was in high school and decided to take Shadow for a walk at Hiram College. It is quite the walk from Garrettsville so I took my car. I decided that the coast was clear from dogs or people so I let Shadow off leash to run. She was a very active dog and needed much exercise.

Shortly, after taking her off leash she saw a skunk. I called Shadow to come, and she was commonly distracted by wildlife. This again was the case, and I still hadn’t mastered getting to come reliably when she was thinking about prey. She was zoned in on the skunk and instead of backing off she got closer.

Of course, the skunk sprayed her and it didn’t seem to phase her. Unfortunately, I still had to drive her home from Hiram. My car stunk for an entire week. Eew skunk smell. Let me tell you that tomatoe juice did not work. She still smelled and I had no idea how to rid it.

She was an outdoor dog so our house didn’t smell. Of course if I would have had my own place I am sure I would stunk the place up. I love living with dogs indoors.

OMG what an experience we had in Hiram. Dog training did not save us on that!  However, a few years later Shadow did get sprayed again. I learned an awesome recipe to rid skunk odor. Thank goodness!

Johanna Teresi, Hiram Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Hiram, Dog Training

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