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Australian Shepherd – Hiram – Dog Training

Australian Shepherd - Dog Training - Hiram

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Hiram, Dog Training and Surrounding Areas

I got off of work and went outside where my daughter was playing with my parents. I told it was time for us to leave because we were going hiking with my friend Amber and her Australian Shepherd, Buckley. We were going to the  Field Station in Hiram. Dog training and a nice walk was ahead of us.

Iris was super excited and rushed to the car. We talked about Buckley, and she said she loved Buckley. It was super cute. When we got there Buckley was, of course, super excited to see us and wanted to jump on Iris.

We worked on dog training. Hiram was where we were located at this point. When Buckley went to jump on Iris, Iris would walk away.  Buckley was on-leash so he could not follow Iris as she walked away. Because Buckley wanted attention from Iris he soon realized that jumping didn’t work.

It was a beautiful day and the weather was very nice. Amber and I had much time to connect and chat. Buckley still received much dog training. Hiram at the Field Station became a time for Buckley to listen to Amber.

She mostly worked on getting Buckley to stay calm using sit, target and leave it.

Iris of course needed a snack during the hike, and Buckley really wanted Iris to share. It was a good time to teach Iris that it was best to stay away from a dog’s mouth when she is eating. (Hahhahah).

Buckley also learned to listen to Amber instead of immediately trying to grab food out of Iris’s hands. A time to learn about obedience.

I am looking forward to many more fun times with Iris, Amber and her Australian Shepherd, Buckley. Every time we get together he gets better at obedience. Bedford is where Amber lives.

If you want an awesome place to hike with your dog. Check out the Field Station in Hiram. Dog training is great to do here because there isn’t many dog distractions. The trails are pretty vacant from people and dogs.

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Johanna Teresi, Professional Ohio Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Hiram, Dog Training and Surrounding areas

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