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Volunteering at the Portage County Dog Warden – Dog Training – Kent

Pit Bull - Dog Training - Kent

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Kent and Surrounding Areas

Every week, I go to to the Portage County Dog Warden and help increase adoptability for dogs by doing dog training. Kent is nearby but the Dog Warden is located in Ravenna, Ohio. Yesterday was the day I went to volunteer, and I trained three dogs, Clyde, Pogo and Harley.

Clyde is a pit bull mix that has a ton of strength and is super smart. He would go best with a dog owner that can handle a stronger type of dog, and I believe it would be best to walk him on a Freedom Harness. We worked on his attention barking.

He doesn’t do well when he is ignored. So I stood there ignoring him, and when he was quiet he got a treat. If he barked I turned my back and withdrew attention. We also worked on “come” and this gave him some running exercise as well. He needed to get some energy out!

Pogo is also a pit bull mix. He much smaller in weight and not very strong. He loves to jump, so we worked on settle. He caught on so fast. He was jumping much less than last week.

I enjoyed his fast learning ability so most of the commands we worked on were a review to him and included: down, sit, target, and watch. “Target” was a great way to get him to move around. I moved my hand in many different directions and had him “target” quickly and consecutively.

This burned much energy for him. We did work on one new command and that was “leave it.” I put a treat on the ground and had him on leash. When he was interested in the treat I told him “leave it” and backed up with my feet.

When he turned toward me I gave him a c/t (click and treat).  He picked up on this new word very quickly. I know this is an important word to incorporate into your dog training. Kent friends would be impressed if they could drop food on the floor and know that your dog wouldn’t immediately run and eat it!

Harley, is another pit bull mix. Yes we have many pit bulls at the moment. He is one of my favorite dogs. He is also a high energy dog. I am imagining that you may also have a high energy dog. It is helpful to play fetch and incorporate dog training. Kent has mostly on leash areas but you can play fetch indoors with your dog.

Have your dog sit before you throw the ball. When he returns have him drop the ball and then sit before you throw the ball again. This is what I did with Harley. He got so tired and learned much about obedience. Kent peeps that want an active dog, Harley could be a great match for you. He is very loving too.

Tell us about your dog.

Johanna Teresi, Kent Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Kent, Ohio and Surrounding Areas

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