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Food Drive and Adoption Event – Dog Training – Hiram Ohio

Chihuahua - How to train target - Dog Training - Hiram Ohio

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Hiram, Ohio and Surrounding Areas

A few months back there was a Food Drive and Pet Adoption Event at the police station in Hiram, Ohio. Dog training was of course my main focus here. I gave out free dog training tips.

I also had a great time collaborating with others. Roses Rescue was there again. They had two cute dogs up for adoption Sadie and Max, Chihuahua.

Pet Pet Care Pantry was there as well. This a great organization. If you have a financial crisis, they will help you keep your dog in your home by providing support with dog food, clothes, vet bills, etc. Definitely check them out.

We had a few questions regarding dog training. Hiram, Ohio is where one of the residents lived that was struggling with his dog. His dog would sometimes not walk through the door to go outside. Instead he would just freeze.

I used Max from Roses Rescue to demonstrate how “target” can be a great way to move a dog through a doorway. I put a treat in my hand between my thumb and pointer finger. I then held my hand at the height of Max’s muzzle and held my hand about a foot away from him. I said “target.”

Max touched my hand. I did this multiple times in a linear line to get Max to move in a forward fashion. This dog owner was impressed and was super excited to attempt this exercise with his dog at home.

I hope he gains success with his dog training. Hiram is definitely an area we serve so if he struggles, we will be able to help him.

We also talked to a police officer at the station in Hiram. Dog training was focused around his pit bull. His pit bull sometimes feels uncomfortable around children.

We talked about honoring his need for space. No dog wants to be around kids all of the time. If the dog is stressed it is time to back up and let him be alone for a bit.

Also, associating treats with anything that is scary to his dog can help too. So we can have the dogs get treats when the kids are around. This can be a bit tricky because it needs to be done in a gradual fashion to avoid a dog bite, It can be best to consult a professional dog trainer. Middlefield is where this officer lives.

It was a relaxing and educational time for many dog owners. We are glad we attended the event.

Tell us about your dog.

Johanna Teresi, Ohio Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Hiram, Ohio

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