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As A Teenager I Loved Dog Training – Dog Training – Aurora – Ohio

Johanna Teresi -Border Collie - Dog Training - Aurora

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Aurora, Ohio and Surrounding Areas

Today, I am thinking of the past. I have been into dog training since I was a child. The Aurora Kennel was a place that I spent time volunteering. I honestly don’t remember how I met the instructor, Denny, but every week I drove all the way to Aurora from Garrettsville.

Denny taught basic obedience courses and used reward-based dog training. She had about ten dogs in a class. My job was to help clients that didn’t understand the material that she was teaching.

So when I saw a lost client I would go over to assist them. I spent extra time with them to help them with obedience. Aurora was a lucky place to have a trainer and an assistant in one class!

I felt invigorated. I helped so many dogs. However, in the back of mind I was frustrated because I wanted to teach the class a bit differently. I believe at a young age I was realizing that I was better off starting my own business rather than working for someone else.

However, these were fun times! I helped clients understand how to create peace with their dogs. I do have a fond memory of helping a client that was struggling with leash walking. I believe I helped her understand the concept much better and I am hoping that she is happier because of it.

There was a time that Denny held agility classes. I took my dog Shadow and again drove from Garrettsville to Aurora. Dog training in agility is much different and requires much commitment and effort.

At 16 years old I didn’t have that level of commitment. I do remember feeling grateful that I could take agility classes with my border collie for free. All I had to do was arrive early to help with set-up. It was a wonderful time.

I am looking forward to more dog training. Aurora is an area that I definitely serve and I can help with private dog training in this city.

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Johanna Teresi, Aurora Dog Trainer (Ohio) and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Aurora, Ohio and Surrounding Areas

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