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Cattle Dog Success Story from Loud to Quiet – Dog Training – Mantua

A Happy Success Story - Cattle Dog - Dog Training - Mantua

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Mantua

Allyson called us in fear. Her cattle dog, Gunner, bit her dad’s friend. She was full of confusion and fear.

At Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training (Mantua), we know exactly how to help with these situations. Allyson was now in good hands. She chose to do six sessions with us.

When I first came to the front door, Gunner was barking and lunging toward me. He felt very uncomfortable with visitors coming into his house.

He also felt fear around me too.  If I was sitting down, he tucked his tail and wanted to move away from me. Fortunately, Allyson was very committed.

As a result, Gunner became more and more comfortable with me. We paired the presence of visitors with good things (special yummy Bill Jack treats).

Each week, Allyson completed the same exercise with other people so that Gunner generalize his calm behavior with other people.

By the last session, Gunner felt completely comfortable with me and was no longer barking as I walked into the house.

Allyson and I also trained Gunner to be responsive to numerous obedience commands so that she would have ultimate obedience control with him.

These included leave it, target, sit stay, come, watch and name recognition. Gunner was able to perform all of these commands in my presence.

This was huge because in the past he would have barked at me, and not responded to any commands.

Now there is peace of mind from dog training. Mantua, Allyson’s home feels much more calm and peaceful.

Allyson states that she understands that she will need to still train Gunner but her fears have lessened drastically.

-Allyson Groves with Gunner (Cattle Dog) – Dog Training – Mantua

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