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Duckie’s Success Story – From Not Listening to Obedient – Ravenna – Dog Training

Yorkshire Terrier - Ravenna - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Ravenna – Dog Training 

Shelby called us with a Morkie (Maltese Yorkshire Terrier), named Duckie that wasn’t listening at all. She was feeling stressed because Duckie had a mind of her own. She wasn’t listening at all.

She was struggling with a dog that was peeing all over the house, jumping, not settling, and pulling on the leash. She didn’t have any control over Duckie’s behavior. She decided to invest in five private (Ravenna) dog training sessions with us.

We began focusing on the house training issues because the pee accidents were a mess in the house. Within a week Duckie went to having no accidents in the house.

Shelby felt much relief in having a cleaner house. This made everything more pleasant in Ravenna. Dog training with us had already made a huge difference in just one week!

From there we began focusing on getting Duckie to jump less on people. Duckie was getting too much attention for jumping so we worked on removing that and she began to jump so much less.

Poor Duckie didn’t even know how to sit. So we trained that command, and Duckie learned to sit when she wanted something instead of jumping on people.

Next, Shelby learned how to train a stay command. This was hard for Duckie at first and then Duckie got it! In fact, Duckie not only learned to stay in the house but also learned to stay outside which was very distracting for her. She even learned to stay at the front door when it was opened.

Leash walking was a mess because Duckie pulled everywhere. So we used cheese and communicated clearly with Duckie. We backed up when she pulled on the leash and gave her a treat when the leash was loose.

Shelby went from not being able to take one step with Duckie to being about to take numerous steps with Duckie walking loosely on the leash. This was so exciting. Duckie also began to listen to commands for the first time outside during a leash walk with us which included, sit, stay, watch and target.

Shelby felt that training Duckie was a great investment. She was excited of the progress they made together in such a short time period. We will miss working with them in Ravenna. Dog training was so much fun with them.

– Shelby Baughman with Duckie (Morkie) – Ravenna – Dog Training

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