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Success Story – From Knowing Nothing to Listening Well – West Farmington – Dog School

Pit Bull - West-Farmington - Dog School

Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington – Dog School

Susan called me with a dog that she couldn’t control.

Petey, was a cute Pit Bull that pretty did whatever he wanted when he wanted to do it. Susan didn’t know how to get him to listen. 

She was struggling with a large dog that was jumping on guests, ignoring her, not coming when called, and had bad leash manners.

Susan purchased eight sessions with us so that we could work on West Farmington dog school with Petey.

In just two sessions, Petey began jumping on people less and was listening.

By Thanksgiving, Susan went to a large family gathering and Petey was so good that he didn’t jump on anyone!

During the winter months, she travels to Florida. She wanted to be able to walk Petey in the city around other people and dogs.

Living in the country, Petey had no practice with this. As a result, we began training in downtown Middlefield and practiced hard with West Farmington dog school.

Petey began to listen around other dogs and people.

In fact, our last session we did indoors at the Tractor Supply Store in Middlefield.

Petey was walking well on the leash, listening to leave it and staying.

Susan was also able to get Petey to come reliably at home and inside the Tractor Supply Store.

The progress both of them made was amazing. Susan is very happy with what she has learned and feels like she knows how to get Petey to listen now.

“Thanks to Johanna and Four legged Scholars, Petey is more calm around other people, and he listens better.” – Susan Everett with Petey – West Farmington – Dog School

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