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5 Top Reasons to Use a Clicker When Training Your Dog – Dog Training – Mantua

Clicker Training - Dog Training - Mantua

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Mantua and Surrounding Areas

Are you struggling at getting your dog to listen to you every time? We certainly understand, and we can help you get your dog to listen.

Clicker training is a method, proven through science, to speed up the learning process. It helps your dog to listen to you every time. It is a way to mark behavior and tell your dog he perform the proper response.

A clicker also signals that a treat is coming. A treat must be delivered 2-3 seconds after clicking.

There are many myths about clicker training that are not true. First, your dog will not become dependent on the clicker.

It is used to train new behaviors. Once your dog performs the behavior obediently there is no need to use the clicker for that particular behavior.

When you are ready to train a new behavior you can use the clicker again.

The clicker is not to get your dog’s attention. It is to mark good behavior only.

Many people struggle with using the clicker at first because they have to push a metal button at the correct time and then give their dog a treat.

However, after practicing this technique many times it becomes simple and actually becomes the lazy method of training.

The more dog owners use the clicker the easier it gets. You definitely don’t want to miss on using the clicker in your dog training. Mantua has many clients of ours that love using the clicker.

Here are some great reasons to use a clicker.

1.) A clicker has been proven through science to speed up the learning process. When you want fast results with your dog training, (Mantua) owners will find the clicker is the way.

2.) The clicker reaches a certain part of the brain called the amygdala. A verbal marker does not reach this part of the brain. Your dog actually knows he is getting a treat without having to consciously think about it.

3.) The clicker serves as a time gap between the good behavior that your dog has performed and the treat. For example, you say “sit,” your dog sits and then you click while your dog is in the sit.

Now you have 2-3 seconds to give the treat to your dog. If you don’t use a clicker, you must quickly give your dog the treats while he is sitting. As a result, you need to be super fast with giving the treat.

4.) With the clicker you can mark behavior at a distance. If you ask your dog to go to his bed and you are sitting in a chair far away from him you can click to mark this good behavior.

5.) The clicker sounds the same no matter who uses it. This serves as a universal marker for anyone that is training your dog.

Don’t wait any longer. Start using the clicker now in your dog training. Mantua dog owners will be impressed how fast your dog starts to learn new things.

Johanna Teresi, Mantua Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars, Dog Training, Mantua

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