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4 Must Know Myths About Clicker Training – Burton – Dog Training

Clicker Training - Burton - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Burton – Dog Training

Are you struggling to get your dog to listen? We totally get it. We want to help you get your dog to listen now.

Science has proven that reward-based training brings the fastest and most positive results when dealing with any behavioral or obedience issue with your dog.

As a result, we incorporate clicker training with many of our clients. We live in Middlefield, near Burton, dog training success is important to us and to our clients.

A clicker is a marker to tell your dog that he did the “right” thing and that a treat is coming now. You can mark behavior quicker with a clicker and pause a bit longer with giving your dog a treat.

As a result, you don’t have to be fast with the actual reward just the clicking of your clicker. You will want to click during the exact behavior that you like.

A clicker is only used when training something new so once a behavior is learned you can stop using the clicker.

We want to encourage people to use a clicker because it works and many owners are confused about its usage in Burton. Dog training will go much faster and smoother when you know about these clicker training myths.

1.) You always have to have the clicker on you. You can train your dog without the clicker if you misplace it.

The clicker just speeds up the learning process because it serves as a marker for the appropriate behavior. Your dog hears the clicker and knows a treat is coming.

If you don’t have the clicker on you, you will need to give the treat during the exact behavior you “like.”

2.) Your dog will only listen to you when you have treats. False. The clicker is used to train a new behavior.

Once a behavior is learning. you can stop using the clicker. You will also fade out treat usage so that your dog learns to listen to just your command.

I know this is a huge one for dog owners in Burton. Dog training isn’t successful if your dog only listens to you when you have treats on you.

3.) It is too hard juggle. In the beginning you will have to learn to juggle the clicker, the treats, and your dog’s leash. However, with the practice it will become easy.

You won’t have to be fast with giving treats because the clicker will mark the behavior. Now, you can slowly give the treat to your dog. You have 2-3 seconds to get the treat after you click.

4.) It doesn’t work for aggression. Clicker training has been proven through science to help tremendously for aggression and even fear issues.

The treats and the clicker actually help change the dog’s emotional response to be happier which then lessons reactivity and fear problems.

90% of our clients use the clicker in Burton. Dog training with the clicker works. Once our clients understand clicker training and most of them love it. They see their dog learning good behavior quickly.

Happy Training!

Johanna Teresi, Burton Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Burton, Dog Training

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