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Help! My Dog MisBehaves and I Don’t Know What to Do. – Dog Training – Newbury

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Are you feeling that you just cannot get your dog to listen? We understand the pain and are here to help you.

One of the common issues that we notice is people expecting that their dog will listen, once they learn the training tools.

Unfortunately, this is NOT the case. Your dog will not listen just because you know the tools.

First and foremost you have to practice the tools to get your dog to listen. You have to also realize that dog training (Newbury) will happen at your dog’s pace and not yours.

You can work with your dog often and be consistent. These things help, but your dog will learn when he is ready. Just like a child, each one learns at their own pace.

When I am dealing with a dog that has aggression or fear issues, I see time and time again, owners that expect a huge shift in their dog’s behavior within 1-2 weeks of starting training.

While this can happen, if your dog has strong habits to break it can take up to 1 month to 2 years (or even more) depending on your goals with your dog.

Negative memories imprint in the brain quickly and are more easily retrieved than positive memories. This is why you need so many positive training experiences BEFORE you see a huge shift in your dog’s behavior. Your dog has to re-wire his brain.

Have you heard when someone criticizes that you need so many compliments before your brain will let go the negative energy you are feeling toward that person.?

You need those positive experiences to feel good about yourself and to learn and grow. Your dog is no different.

Keep being persistent and positive in your dog training. Newbury owners, I promise, in time, it will pay off. I will remind you that it probably won’t pay off immediately.

Johanna Teresi, Newbury Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training – Newbury

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