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Are You Sick of Your Dog Fighting with Other Dogs? – Burton Dog Obedience

Dog Play - Burton Dog Obedience

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Burton Dog Obedience and Surrounding Areas

Are you feeling stressed because your dog fights with other dogs? This can be a headache. We want you to feel relief. Let’s help create Burton dog obedience now.

The biggest place that dog fights happen are at off-leash dog parks. I know there are none in Burton, and there are off-leash dog parks nearby. Click here to learn about dog parks near your area.

First, determine if dog parks are the best fit for your dog. Some dogs would rather not play with other dogs. If that is the case then stay away from off leash parks. Some dogs play well with other dogs and then play just goes bad. This post is for the latter.

When determining if dog play is healthy look for the following.

1.) While dogs are playing there should be many curves in their bodies rather than tons of stiffness.

2.) Calming signals should be happening during dog play. These consist of pauses, play bows, etc. If these are not happening, arousal levels rise and fights can happen.

3.) Bites, of course, happen during play. Burton dog obedience contains gentle bites. Harder bites are a problem.

4.) Usually you will see relaxed open mouths rather than closed tense mouths.

5.) The height of the tails in important. The tails should be low and the wags slow and fluid.

6.) Play should remain perpendicular to the ground. Vertical play is usually a bad sign.

If these things are not happening it is best to use a command to call your dog away from the play session using Burton dog obedience commands such as come, target, sit, etc. If you interrupt play before it goes too sour you will prevent numerous dog fights.

Johanna Teresi, Burton Dog Obedience Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Burton Dog Obedience

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