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How to train your dog to settle down

Let’s help you get your dog to go to his bed and be calm

Are you excited and stressed about the holiday season at the same time? We get it and can help you.

As you are getting your holiday stuff, your dog is hyper and driving you nuts! Maybe your dog is jumping on you or on the counter while you are making cookies.

Your dog might be trying to tear up the wrapping paper while you are wrapping gifts.

Every now and then or frequently, your dog runs to the window and starts barking.

Even still when you have guests over your dog is running around and jumping like crazy!

Guess what! Help is here. Training your dog to go to his / her bed on command can really help your dog settle down. You will feel so much relaxed and will be focus to get your stuff down.

You will also feel so much calmer when you have guests over because your dog will be quiet and calm.

This video teaches you the individual steps so that you can train your dog to go to his bed. Watch it so you can easily create the calm dog that you are wanting.

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