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# 1 Reason for Your Dog’s Bad Behavior – Dog Training – Middlefield


Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Middlefield and Surrounding Areas

Are you stressed by your dog’s reoccurrence of bad behavior? We understand the pain and stress. I wanted to write this post to help you create more peace in your life with your dog.

Recently, I got a call from my client that had a bad day with her dog. Her dog barked a lot while she had guests over at her house. This lasted for the entire visit. How stressful!

Did you know when you get stressed, you are less likely to make good choices? The more stressed you get, the more stressed your dog gets. Your is likely to act out.

As dog owners we tend to expect our dogs to shift out of their stressful behaviors but yet we don’t.

We keep doing the same things that actually hold our dog’s stress, reactions and bad behavior in place.

The #1 reason your dog misbehaves is because you are unintentionally not setting your dog up for success. In order to have your dog to learn a new behavior you need to set up your dog up for success.

This takes awareness in your dog training. Middlefield owners will struggle with this awareness when they are stressed.

As a result, it is important that you re-evaluate later when you are way from the problem so that you can see with clear eyes.

Breathing can also help you shift from stress to more awareness.  Then ask your yourself productive questions.

How can I set up my dog to be more successful next time? Did I have too many people over all at once? Did I expect my dog to learn too quickly?

How can I have less people over next time? How can I break the training down into steps so that my dog can be more quiet and relaxed?

Knowing the training steps is only part of the picture. Breaking them down enough so that your dog can remain relaxed and learn a new response is key to success.

This takes tons of awareness during dog training. Middlefield is an area that we serve if you need help. We would love to hear about your dog!

Johanna Teresi, Middlefield Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Middlefield

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