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Are You Struggling with Possessive Behavior With Your Dog? – Ravenna – Dog Training

How to stop possessive behavior - Ravenna - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Ravenna – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas

Are you stressed because your dog is possessive with objects in your home? We understand, and we have compassion for your stress. Let’s help you so you can feel more peace with your dog.

We have found that training “drop” command can help a ton. We train “drop” by using classical conditioning.

This means that your dog will pair the command “drop” with food. You will start off by saying “drop” and then drop extra yummy treats on the ground. Cheese can work great, and it will work best if you drop multiple pieces.

Your dog will associate “drop” with cheese. Because he needs to have his mouth free from objects in order to eat, he will spit out the object to eat the cheese.

We are currently working on training this command with an American Eskimo named Drew in Ravenna. Dog training has been successful with Drew because the owners have been very consistent with their training.

The other day Drew grabbed a pillow off the couch and his owner said “drop.” Drew immediately dropped the pillow. The owner felt so relieved.

There are many dog owners in Ravenna. Dog training is something that will benefit any family but especially a family that has a dog that resource guards.

Here are a few more tips on training “drop.”

Say the “drop” command before your dog sees the cheese. You want the dog to associate “drop” with cheese not the other way around.

Practice in multiple locations so that the command is generalized in many different locations.

Start by practicing this exercise without any object being nearby. Then work with objects that your dog does NOT guard.

Then with objects that your dog minorly guards. Next, with objects that your dog moderately guards. Lastly, with objects that your dog highly guards.

It works best if you drop the food away from the object that your dog has in his mouth.

That way you can easily pick up the object without being too close to your dog. The closer your dog is to the object the more likely he will guard it.

We always advise working with a professional in Ravenna. Dog training can be hard to do on your own.

A professional can help make sure you do the training effectively and safely to avoid getting injured or bitten.

Johanna Teresi, Ravenna Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Ravenna, Dog Training

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