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Help! My Puppy Jumps All Over My Child! – West Farmington – Puppy Training

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington – Puppy Training and Surrounding Areas

Is your new puppy struggling to get along with your child? Is your child developing fear around your new puppy? This is a common problem. We can help.

Currently, we are training in West Farmington. Puppy training is our focus with a Labradoodle named, Teddy.

Teddy’s owner lives with her daughter, her daughter’s husband and her daughter’s son.

Their child is only 2 years old and is named Sam. He is scared around Teddy because Teddy jumps on him.

When Teddy jumps, Sam tends to move around and kick like most children will do. Teddy thinks that Sam wants to play so he gets even more hyper.

We gave this family homework for this cute boy, Sam. A friendly, note. Never your child unsupervised with your puppy. An adult should always be with your puppy and child.

1.) We want Sam to be involved as he lives in the house with them in West Farmington. Puppy training isn’t just for adults to do.

He was instructed to turn his back and be still when Teddy jumps on him. Next he was requested to ask for help by saying “Help with Teddy please.” This will remove the reward for jumping.

2.) Once Teddy sits it is time for the owner to click. Then the owner or Teddy can give the treat.

3.) Teddy was also instructed to do something else in West Farmington. Puppy training takes time so we want to make sure that Teddy is consistently being rewarded for being calm around Sam.

When Sam wants to give Teddy a treat or toy, he was instructed to only do so if Teddy is in a sit or down.

If Teddy is not in a sit or down, Sam was asked to tell Teddy to “sit” before giving him the toy or treat. This way Teddy will learning to be calm around Sam.

This homework was give last Thursday. We are excited to the difference when we come to this house again.

We know that West Farmington puppy training can make a huge difference. We want this family to have more fun and peace with this cute new family member.

Plus another baby is due to come. We want Teddy to be ready.

Johanna Teresi, West Farmington Puppy Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, West Farmington, Puppy Training

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