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How to Get Your Puppy to Come in Your Yard – Puppy Training – West Farmington

How to train come - Puppy - Training -West - Farmington-

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training – West Farmington and Surrounding Areas

Are you stressed because your puppy won’t come to you when you call him in your yard? We understand your fears and can help you. Let’s get your puppy to come now.

We just worked with Teddy on come and he is learning this command very well through our puppy training. West Farmington is where he lives.

For the best success start by training this command indoors. Then when you go to practice it outside have your puppy on a long line that is 10-20 ft in length.

Determine an enticement that you can use with your puppy. Clapping your hands, whistling, running away, happy sounds, kissing sounds etc.  Once you know how to entice your puppy begin training him to come. Say “come” when your dog is on the long line and is just a few feet away from you.

Immediately after saying “come,” use the enticement. Gradually increase your distance until your dog can come reliabily far away from you. Lastly, gradually increase the difficulty of distractions as you train your dog to come. Always make sure your dog in a long line.

If you want to practice off-leash, I would recommend that you go to the Portage County Library Village Park where there is a fenced in dog park. Go when there are no other dogs. Say “come” and then entice your dog to come.

Also, remember every time your dog comes give him plenty of rewards. I like to give 20-30 seconds of small pieces of a special yummy treat like hotdogs or cheese.

This makes the command extra special during puppy training. West Farmington owners will be impressed by how fast you can train this command.

Johanna Teresi, West Farmington Puppy Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Puppy Training, West Farmington

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