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Are You Stressed Because Your Dog Will Not Stay In Your Yard – Shalersville – Dog Training

Border Collie - Shalersville - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Shalersville and Surround Areas

Are you struggling with a dog that will not stay in the yard? We understand your pain. Right now you can only exercise your dog on-leash.

Let’s help you get your dog off-leash and create more peace in your life with your dog.

First, I don’t recommend an invisible fence. The shock does create pain. As a result, you are increasing the likelihood of aggression or fear developing in your dog.

Imagine being a child. If your parents got you to respond through fear or anger then you would respond by fighting back, avoidance, or being stressed in other ways.

If you want to fence in your yard. Check out Pintrest. They have many options that might help you and won’t cost that much money.

Today, I worked with a client in Shalersville. Dog training was how they wanted to teach their dog to stay in their yard.

They only wanted their Springer and Brittany Spaniels outside in the yard when they were able to be out there with their dogs.

As a result, they could call their dogs to “come” if they began running out of the yard.

We started training “come” in the house. The owners lured their dogs with hotdogs.

They called them with “come” and jogged away from their dogs luring with a treat. When they stopped, as long as the dogs followed, they gave a c/t (click and treat). The hotdog treat was given for 20-30 sec in very small pieces.

Rosie and Dutchess, Springers, responded great to this training. Next week, we will fade out the running.

Then, we will add distractions. Finally, we will generalize the command outside on long lines and then off-leash in their yard.

I am excited to see how happy they become in Shalersville. Dog training takes time but these owners are committed. As a result, success is around the corner.

Johanna Teresi, Shalersville Dog Training, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Shalersville, Dog Training

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