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Help! I Just Cannot Get My Dog to Listen! – Dog Training – Parkman

How to get your dog to listen - Dog Training - Parkman

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Parkman and Surrounding Areas

Oh, the struggle to get our dogs to listen is real. We understand the stress. Let’s help you create more peace in your home.

This past weekend, I went to see Pat Miller who spoke at a seminar called Positive Solutions to Aggression. She didn’t just focus on dog training. Parkman dog owners would be pleased that it went deeper than that.

We discussed a lot about how cortisol builds up in the dog’s body when the dog is stressed, the cortisol can stay in the body for 3-7 days!

This is such a long time from what we think is just one incident. I generalized this over to dog owners.

I know many dog owners give their clients homework and when they don’t the homework they call their client non-compliant.

I beg to differ especially from this above explanation with dogs. Humans get stressed too and cortisol builds up in our systems as well.

Did you know that when cortisol is high the cortex or thinking part of the brain shuts down? The reactive part of the brain shoots off.

I have found that when homework isn’t done it is not about compliance in regards to follow the protocol with dog training. Parkman owners are stressed.

What are some human stressors?

1.) Being a parent and taking care of the children in the house.

2.) Things at work that might not being go as planned or in a way that creates ease.

3.) Conflicts between partners.

4.) Your dog’s behavior especially if it is aggression or fear related.

5.) Money issues or problems.

6.) Time management.

If the client is stressed while they are learning something new their cortex of their brain is shut down. This makes it harder for them to apply the new material that they are learning. They also will have trouble remembering it.

So how does Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Parkman increase owner success? We look at the big picture.

We understand that owners are stressed. This may take more time for them to learn what to do. So patience from us is key. Also, we look at the big picture.

What are the blocks that are preventing success? We help you blast through them by teaching you how to change your thoughts, shift your emotions, breath, etc.

Owners need to learn to relax just as much as the dogs do. It is honestly more about human training than dog training.

So know when you come to us you are in good hands with dog training. Parkman clients will know that we care, and we will do all we can help to get your dog to listen.

Johanna Teresi, Parkman Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Parkman

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