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Are You Stressed Because Your Puppy is Timid with People? – Garrettsville – Puppy Obedience

Labrador - Garrettsville - Puppy Obedience

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Garrettsville – Puppy Obedience

Do you struggle with a puppy that is fearful of new people? We understand your stress, and we want to help you.

Currently, we are working with a black lab puppy in Garrettsville. Puppy obedience is our focus because this cute little guy is only 7 months.

The owners got him when he was 4 months old. As a result, they missed socializing her with other people. Bella’s breeder was busy and didn’t appear to take the time to socialize her either. So when she got to her new, Bella got overwhelmed.

The owners were stressed that Bella might bite someone because they had many visitors. So we started working with them in Garrettsville. Puppy obedience training contained many tools to help Bella.

The most important is a technique was counter conditioning. The new scary person is paired with something positive. For Bella we used chicken and Natural Balance Dog Food logs that we chopped up. She loved them!

Each week when I came we paired myself with these yummy treats. Each week Bella’s fear lessoned faster and faster.

Her body languages changed from being fearful (her body weight is held backward, tail is lowered, mouth is closed, body is stiff, head is lowered and stiff) to being more calm (body weight neutral, ears excited for treats, tail neutral in height, mouth open, head cocked, etc).

This past week we focused on getting Bella used to me walking through the sliding backdoor into their yard.

We also got Bella more use to certain movements such as sliding a chair, running etc. Sudden movements scare Bella if it is being done by a person that doesn’t live in their home.

Bella’s owner did great at pairing the above actions with treats. As a result, things went very well in Garrettsville. Puppy obedience flourished and Bella’s behavior shifted from being stressed to being more relaxed.

We know your pain. Dealing with a fearful dog alone can be stressful and dangerous. We can come to your home and help you.

We serve the surrounding areas of Middlefield and Garrettsville. Puppy obedience is just around the corner with professional help.

Johanna Teresi, Garrettsville Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Garrettsville, Puppy Obedience

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