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Are You Struggling with Nail Trimming Your Dog? – Auburn Township Dog Training

Nail Trimming - Dog Training - Auburn Township

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Auburn Township Dog Training

Do you have a dog that hates getting his nails trimmed? We understand the stress, and we are here to help you.

You can skip nail trimming with clippers and teach your dog to paw at a scratch board.  Here are the tools that you need to create results in Auburn Tonwnship. Dog training is simple with a scratch board.

  • sandpaper
  • cutting board or PVC pipe cut in half
  • traction tape

Tape the sandpaper with the traction tape to either the cutting board or to the inside of the halved PVC piping.

Now it is time to do some dog training. Auburn Township owners will want to know that there are many ways to train your dog to scratch.

  1. You can hold the scratch board between your legs and hold the treat above the board. As your dog scratches to get the treat c/t (click and treat).
  2. Cover the scratch board with a towel and put a treat under the towel. This will encourage your dog to scratch. Again c/t when your dog scratches. Eventually, you will remove the towel.
  3. If your dog knows wave or shake you can ask him to do that as you are holding the board. Then c/t as your dog scratches the board.
  4. Sometimes just holding a treat under the board will encourage your dog to scratch. Again c/t when he does.

Once your dog is scratching the board you can shape him to make sure he is trimming his nails bit by bit.

I hope this helps make it easier with dog training. Auburn Township owners will be happier when they know their dog can be happy with nail trimming.

Johanna Teresi, Auburn Township Dog Trainer – Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Auburn Township

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