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A Garrettsville Dog Training Success Story – From Growling to Calm and Quiet

Labrador - How to be quiet - Garrettsville - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Garrettsville – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas

Donna and Bob called us with a cute Labrador that was only five months old name Bella. Bella was skittish around new people including their grandchildren who they have over often.

Its summer and time to have family over to play in their backyard pool. Bella was not enjoying much of the new company.

She growled at the vet, a person at Russell Park, and family visitors. The owners were afraid that she might bite someone. They also felt like that they couldn’t travel with her for fear that she wouldn’t be calm.

They decided to work with Four Legged Scholars LLC, Garrettsville Dog Training. During our first session we began acclimating her to visitors right away starting with me.

Bella barley wanted to approach me. Her body was slinked back and was very stiff. She was also holding her tail downward.

By our last session together Bella really liked me. I could hold her leash, collar etc. Her body was fluid and relaxed. Her tail was at neural height and she was excited to take treats from my hand.

The owners learned to pair good things with visitors. Bella received tons of yummy treats when visitors were in her presence.

They become very educated in Garrettsville. Dog training became a process that they did every time Bella was around a new person. It was amazing for the owners to learn about reading about dog behavior and seeing Bella become more confident.

In fact, a new issue arose. Bella use to bark at their neighbor and then they became best friends. Bella now runs into her yard because she likes her so much! Don’t worry though because Bella learned “come” as well so she will be able to stay in the yard much better now.

We wanted to make sure that Bella could also listen to commands at home, on walks and around new people even if she felt scared. She learned how to respond to target, leave it, come, her name, watch and walk on loose leash.

We even did a session at the Village Park in Garrettsville. Dog training was focused on counter conditioning with new people and listening to commands with distractions. She did great the entire time and listened well!

The owners feeling much more empowered and are happy to see Bella be so much more confident and calm!

Donna and Bob Shaffer with Bella – Garrettsville – Dog Training

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