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Success Story – From Easily Distracted to Responsive – Garrettsville – Dog Training

eagle Leash Walking - Garrettsville - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Garrettsville – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas

Barbara called us with a Beagle she just adopted from the Portage Dog Warden. She stated that this dog wouldn’t listen to her and she didn’t know what to do.

Max, a beagle, was jumping on them, pulling on the leash like crazy, running out doors and not coming when called. Barbara was worried about loosing Max and never getting him back if he were to run off.

Her family decided to purchase The Dependable House Dog. They live in Garrettsville. Dog training consisted of 4 sessions with us. Max and his owners learned so much.

By our last session he was sitting instead of jumping on everyone. He was running like the wind when he was called in the house with no distractions.

The owners understand that they still need to apply more of the training concepts to get Max to come with distractions.

He went from bolting through doors to learning to sit and wait patiently. Sometimes he would even offer a sit when he was excited instead of bolting out the door. Max also learned to walk loosely on the leash.

Barbara’s daughter, Rachel did much of the training. Rachel learning how to treat Max properly and to back up if he pulled on the leash.

She is now able to walk him on the neighborhood street! I am sure neighbors will be impressed in Garrettsville. Dog training takes consistency and commitment.

Rachel wrote a review on Google stating “I love them. Before they came, my dog max, didnt know how to sit for anything, he kept pulling on the leash when we went for walks on our road, and he kept not waiting when we tried to take him out. He would bolt out. Now he sits a waits for the leash to get it on him. Hes such a great listener now.”

Rachel was super committed so she got awesome results. We will miss working this family and they did a great job!

Barbara, Rachel and Brian with Max, a beagle – Garrettsville, Dog Training

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