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A Family’s Success Story from Running Hyper to Listening – Gates Mills – Puppy Training

Maltese - Gates Mills - Puppy Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Gates Mills – Puppy Training

Denise called me in desperation. Her Maltese, Sammy, was running hyper at home. When it was time to “come,” Sammy played chase.

In fact, it took Denise up to 20 minutes to grab Sammy at times. When Neil, Denise’s husband, went to grab Sammy he would pee. He also would bark and didn’t stop on command.

Denise and Neil decided it was time a for change. They purchased the Dependable House Dog Program and did four sessions with Four Legged Scholars LLC, Gates Mills, Puppy Training.

We began teaching Sammy to come reliably on command. Sammy also learned to sit and stay. This way they were able to call him easily and then get him stay near them.

Then we trained Sammy to stay while the owners grabbed his collar and hooked on his leash. Sammy is still learning these past two steps. However, he is coming, sitting and staying so well now.

Once we started working together, Sammy immediately stopped having accidents with Neil. Sammy learned to accept Neil’s hand and stopped peeing when he was touched and grabbed by him.

This was a huge relief for Neil and the entire family especially since they had nice carpet in the house.

Even still, Sammy learned to stop barking when asked. He would run to the owner instead of barking continuously. The started to feel more peaceful.

Sammy didn’t want to lay down at all and in just four sessions he has began to “down” more often. This has been a challenge for him to learn as he is so hyper.

During our last session together, Sammy was went right beside Neil and laid down!

The owners both said that Sammy’s behavior has drastically changed for the better. They are so much happier now since they worked with us Four Legged Scholars, Gates Mills, Puppy Training.

-Denise and Neil Cunningham with Sammy, Maltese – Gates Mills – Puppy Training

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