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Must Know Information for Puppy Owners – Burton – Puppy Training

How to train your puppy - Burton-Puppy-Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Burton – Puppy Training and Surrounding Areas

Are you struggling with crazy puppy behavior? You are not alone. We receive many calls from people who are struggling with their puppy’s hyper behavior.

Fortunately, we have been able to help them get their puppies to settle. As a result, we can help you too.

We have noticed that people get very confused on the proper way to train their puppies because there is so much information out there.

We wanted to help you  and other puppy owners near Burton. Puppy training can seem complex so here are some things you definitely want to stay away from doing.

1.) Yelling at your puppy when he / she is doing any bad behavior.

2.) Rubbing your puppy’s muzzle in his urine or poop if he has an in-house accident.

3.) Slapping your puppy on his bum for any behavior that you dislike.

4.) Shaking your dog’s muzzle or grabbing his tongue if he bites you.

5.) Holding your puppy down in an alpha roll.

6.) Yank or grab an item from your puppy’s mouth.

This past week many owners have told us they have done the above. Their intentions were good.

They just didn’t know another way. We want you to know a better way in Burton. Puppy training is best when it is done in a positive fashion.

All of the techniques above are not positive ways of resolving the behavior. It is much better to do the following:

1.) Reward your puppy for performing behavior that you like.

2.) Redirect behavior that you don’t like.

3.) If it is attention-getting behavior ignore it and reward your puppy when he is calm.

4.) Manage the behavior by blocking off sections of the house or putting your puppy in his crate.

5.) If this seems too complex please contact us so that we can help you: Four Legged Scholars LLC, Burton, Puppy Training.

Making training positive will prevent aggression or fear issues in developing in your puppy as he grows into an adult dog.  The AVSAB agrees.

Johanna Teresi, Burton Puppy Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Burton, Puppy Training

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