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A Family’s Success Story: From Crazy to Listening Well – Mantua Dog Obedience

German Shepherds - Mantua Dog Obedience

Mantua Dog Obedience Four Legged Scholars LLC

Wayne and Jodi called me with two beautiful long-haired German Shepherds. Both of the dogs were highly attached to each other.

The owners could not get their dogs to listen to them. They were more excited about playing with each other.

Their names were Isabella and Zoltar. Isabella was crazy on the leash with pulling. Jodi really didn’t like to walk Isabella at all.

Both dogs jumped in a crazy manner when guests came over. They also didn’t listen to “come”.

The owners love camping and they wanted to be able to bring both of their dogs camping and have them listen. Leash walking was a high priority so they could enjoy the campground and surrounding areas.

The owners jumped on Mantua dog obedience with us and bought four sessions.

We worked hard on getting these dogs to listen well. First, we focused on having them to learn to stay on command which both dogs’ grasped very quickly. From there we taught them to come at a distance.

By the last session, they were able to stay and the owners could walk about 30 ft away and call both of their dogs with a “come” command.

They purchased a front hook harnesses to help with Mantua dog obedience. We used these to help with leash walking and it worked wonders.

We began with leash walking in the yard which was a struggle at first. By the last session, both owners each had a dog that was walking loosely and nicely on leash down the road in front of their house.

When I first arrived at the house, both dogs were jumping in a crazy manner. Every time I came we worked hard with Mantua dog obedience.

The dogs began sitting upon my approach. By the last session, they barely jumped at all and were sitting instead.

I will definitely miss working with Jodi and Wayne with Isabella and Zoltar.

-Wayne and Jodi Mann with Isabella and Zoltar – Mantua Dog Obedience – Four Legged Scholars LLC

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