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Struggling with a Hyper Dog? Mantua – Dog School

Chocolate Labrador - Mantua - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Mantua – Dog School and Surrounding Areas

Are you struggling with your dog because your dog is so hyper? We understand how much stress this can cause you.

Let’s help you relieve this stress and regain peace in your home.

There are many forms of hyper dog behavior. I have seen dogs that bark alot when excited, jump excessively, pace while whining, etc.

This post is to help churn your mind into how you can do things differently in your household to get your dog to start to relax more often.

If you live in Mantua. Dog school is our expertise. Even though we live in Geauga County we do serve Portage County as well. So we can help you.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1.) Remain calm yourself. I have seen many clients yelling at their dogs when their dogs are stressed.

Remember yelling will not only amp up your dog’s cortisol levels but it will also amp up your levels as well.

Lowering cortisol is very important when we are wanting a dog to relax.

Practice taking breaks yourself when you get overwhelmed. Learn how to breath through your belly or do yoga breathing.

Set intentions or commitment statements that will help you relax. Some examples:

I intend to be calm and relaxed when my dog is stressed.

I commit to relaxation.

2.) Learn about TTouch and use it on your dog. You can use it when your dog is calm to help retain this memory in his body.

You can also use it when your dog is stressed to help him mellow out.

3.) Practice mediation. I would highly recommend that you start a daily meditation practice yourself. More than likely if your dog is stressed so are you.

Once you are good at meditating, have your dog join you during your practice. Show him how he can relax too by being an energetic model.

4.) Teach your dog to relax his mouth. You can actually teach your dog a command on how to do this. It is tricky to explain.

However, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Mantua, Dog School can show you how to do this.

5.) Reward your dog as he starts to relax himself and show behaviors that are becoming more and relaxed.

Have your dog go to a mat and start rewarding behaviors that are showing relaxation signs.

For example if your dog is laying on his side instead of having both hips squared this is a more relaxed body posture to reward.

Dr. Karen Overall teaches this very well. She calls it the Relaxation Protocol.

6.) Play music that is relaxing. I love icalmPet.

7.) Use remedies that can help your dog to chill. Lavender oil, Adaptil and Rescue Remedy are a few that can help create changes for the better.

Most of all don’t give up. It took me over 2 years to be able to meditate. I was a highly stressed person.

If I can learn to meditate so can your dog. I also trained my last dog that barked a ton to meditate. It worked wonders.

I would love to help teach your dog to be zen. We serve Geauga, Ashtabula, Trumbull and Portage Counties which includes Mantua. Dog school is private and we give you personal help so you can regain peace.

Johanna Teresi, Mantua Dog Trainer – Four Legged Scholars LLC, Mantua, Dog School

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