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From Relentless Play Biting to Stopping & Listening – A Family’s Success with Their Puppy – West Farmington Obedience School

Brittany Spaniel - West Farmington Obedience School

Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington Obedience School

Jennifer called Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington Obedience School. She was frantic. Her new Brittany Spaniel puppy was biting everyone in the house.

She was worried that her puppy was being aggressive and the behavior seemed relentless. She had two children (10 yr and 13 yrs).

Both of them including the parents felt super stressed by this biting behavior.

After I came to the home, Jennifer’s family purchased the Dependable House Dog program.

They live in West Farmington. Obedience school was our main goal with this cute puppy.

Within just one session they felt relieved. Everyone felt empowered and much stress was relieved.

Ginger, the Brittany Spaniel was only 10 weeks of age. As a result, the puppy biting was normal. I was able to reassure the owners that the behavior was not aggression.

From there, we worked on teaching the owners what to do to stop the biting so that it was not relentless.

Clicker training worked wonders. Josh, who is 10 yrs, and is the main owner of Ginger learned about rewarding Ginger when she was NOT biting.

He could click and treat when she was choosing to sit, down, or chew on appropriate objects.

He also learned that he could be extremely boring when she bit him so that he wasn’t rewarding the behavior.

In the past he wanted to move his sock around when she bit him which encouraged the behavior.

Ginger also learned to respond to commands instead of biting. Sit and target seemed to work the best to redirect her and stop the biting.

Josh felt much more in control when he could ask her to perform another command.

Even still, everyone learned that Ginger needs to get energy out of system. Redirecting her to biting a toy and playing with her was also a healthy choice.

Once she began biting them, the play would stop. She then learned that it didn’t pay off to bite.

The biting was not over by our last session. We did four West Farmington obedience school sessions.

However, the family noticed how much it had lessoned. They also felt empowered on what to do to stop it.

In our sessions together, Josh also learned how to train Ginger to “leave it” and to “come” on command.

The entire family is so much more relaxed. Josh is enjoying Ginger more.

I will miss working with this wonderful family so much!

-Josh (10 yrs) – West Farmington Obedience School with Ginger, Brittany Spaniel (10 weeks old)

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