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A Secret You Must Know – Dog Trainer Burton

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Trainer Burton and Surrounding Areas

Do you wish that your dog listened better to you? We share your pain and are here to help you.

Let’s teach you a huge secret that will get your dog to listen to you quickly.

Are you the person that wakes up in the morning and thinks about everything that is going “wrong” in your life or are you the person that thinks about everything that is going ‘“right” in your life?

Awareness is key if you want have a happy and peaceful life with your dog. Get clear on the answer to the above question.

In my past, I use to be the person that thought about my to do list and thought about it’s length.

I thought I would never get everything done. I would focus on the worst case scenario.

I, also, remember being that way when I was a dog trainer. Burton is near Garrettsville where I started dog training.

I was so negative and I created a dog that didn’t really enjoy being around me. I was only ten and yet I knew something wasn’t right.

In time, I have learned to wake in the morning and choose play which allows me to focus on what is good and right in my life.

Today, since it was Valentine’s Day, my daughter and I spent much of the time painting hearts. She is a cute 5 year old named Iris, and she is a stellar example of the topic I want to discuss on here.

Yesterday, Iris did almost nothing to help around the house and didn’t want to cooperate to leave for daycare. She threw things, ran away, resisted getting into the car and resisted getting into the car seat.

The biggest problem was my mindset. I kept focusing on everything that wasn’t working between us, and I became more and more frustrated. Guess what? She did too.

Do you think she felt inspired to listen to me and be a team? She did not. I was not applying dog training. Burton felt our chaotic energy. Yes, dog training concepts work for my daughter and I use them often 🙂

Today, was different. We woke up, and I immediately connected with her. We had so much fun acting like silly children. I love being a silly goofy kid. I feel so open and free.

Guess what else happened? Iris helped cleaned the table after breakfast, change her bed, and clean up her toys.

That is a lot of stuff for a 5 year to do in the morning. Plus she did her normal routine to get ready for daycare.

You know what though? She didn’t resist any of it. She was having fun and jumped right in to help me. My mind set was different, I was focusing on what was going “right.”

My body felt open, loving and free. Iris felt that and wanted to join me in the fun!

Guess what? Your dog is the same way. If you constantly yell at him for what he is doing wrong, he probably won’t change much.

Don’t get me wrong, you can get a dog to comply through yelling. I honestly don’t think yelling builds trust, and it is out of alignment with the peace we desire with our dogs. So, I don’t encourage it.

The biggest thing that yelling does is it doesn’t tell your dog what you want him to do so he becomes really lost. It also increases your own frustration.

Your body becomes tense. Your mind then keeps looking for what is wrong and as a result more of the “bad” behavior happens.

I invite you to try something different, and it works fast just like it did with my daughter this morning. This morning was full of magic.

If someone was watching us they would have been impressed with the teamwork and relationship we had. We were flowing and connecting. It was beautiful. I want you to have that with your dog.

Try focusing on what is going “right”. When you feel the urge to say “no” stop yourself. Instead, take a deep breath. Get your clicker and treats out. Begin to focus on what your dog is doing right and reward that instead.

Your dog will love the attention and will start to do more of those “good” behaviors.

I will give an real life example. This past week I got a new client, and we began quickly doing dog training. Burton is near where they live, in Garrettsville.

As soon as I walked in the house, the dogs were jumping everywhere. I just ignored the jumping and began treating the dogs when they sat. The owners picked up on the example.

Within 45 minutes, they said this was the most well behaved their dogs have ever been. They just kept sitting and instead of jumping. It was amazing. They were so happy.

When you find yourself stuck in being able to focus on the positive say some affirmations to yourself.

I do this all time when I feel like I am struggling. When I am struggling I try to remember to say things like:

I can do it.

In time, it will get easier with practice.

I believe in myself.

I am doing a great job.

I got this.

This changes my mindset and I am back focusing on the positive. The nice thing is the energy is contagious.

So my daughter picks up on it. Dogs are sponges. They will feel it too and begin listening to you.

When you think positive thoughts you start focusing on the positive. As you start focusing in the positive, you will begin to reward positive behavior in your dog.

As you reward positive behavior in your dog, your dog will begin to do more positive behavior.

You and your dog will feel happy, peaceful and have a team like relationship.

I believe you. You got this!

Do you feel like you are still struggling? Trust me, I understand. I am hear to be your cheerleader and help you.

I am a human and a dog trainer. Burton and surrounding areas is where I serve.

Johanna Teresi, Dog Trainer, Burton, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training Burton

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