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Success Story with A Family of Four Rotwielers – From Chaos to Listening Well – Dog Training – Streetsboro

Rottweiler - Dog Training - Streetsboro

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training Streetsboro

Calah called me very stressed. Her dogs were extremely jumpy with guests. She had four Rottweilers that lived there and none of them had gone through any basic dog training. Streetsboro is where they live.

She also wasn’t able to walk any of the dogs, they bolted out the back door and rarely came when she called them.

As a result, the house was run by these 4 dogs. Dozer was older and didn’t get into trouble much. However, the three younger ones were a handful Shyla, Missy and Bear.

It took some time for Calah to see a huge change in the household since wee were training three dogs. However, by our last session all three dogs were sitting and waiting at the door when I arrived.

Calah worked hard with dog training. Streetsboro house guests will feel much more at peace in this home now.

Calah purchased the Freedom Harness to help with leash walking. We worked on training each dog one at a time to walk loosely on the leash. These dogs were very strong.

The Freedom Harness worked, and Calah could now control her dogs without getting dragged around. They learned fast to walk on a loose leash in the driveway and backyard.

Calah just has to generalize this behavior to walking down her street and neighborhood. I am sure she will keep practicing dog training. Streetsboro neighbor’s will be impressed by her dogs’ good leash walking behavior.

We also worked on getting the dogs to wait when it was time to go outside. This behavior shifted for the better, quickly. Calah said they were no longer running and bolting out the door.

Lastly, the dogs were coming into the house from outside so much better. This was awesome because it made it easier to call them in when needed.

Calah learned much about commitment and dedication. As she did the work, her dogs began listening more and more. She feels so much more empowered now.

Calah Anderson with Bear, Missy and Shyla (Rottweilers) – Four Legged Scholars – Dog Training – Streetsboro

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