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Success Story – From Knowing Nothing to Listening Well – West Farmington – Puppy Obedience

Labardoodle - West Farmington - Puppy Obedience

Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington – Puppy Obedience

Anne Rubin came to us with a new puppy that she recently brought to her home. She knew nothing on how to train a cute puppy.

The puppy is a Labradoodle named Teddy and was just 8 weeks old. This a great time to dive into training so Anne decided that she would get started on the right foot with her puppy.

She purchased twelve sessions with us in West Farmington. Puppy obedience was our main focus.

I remember the first day I came, Teddy was having potty accidents almost daily.

He didn’t know any commands so he was chewing on people’s socks and shoes. He also would grab Anne’s grandson’s toys and wouldn’t give them up on command.

He didn’t know how to stay, come, sit or walk on the leash. In fact, when he was walked on the leash he would chew on it instead.

We spent much time in West Farmington. Puppy obedience developed as we worked together. It took commitment on Anne’s end, and then, Teddy started having no accidents in the house.

He has gone over a month now with no potty accidents in the house! He also knows how to leave it and drop objects so that chewing is less of a problem.

As he got older, he began jumping. This we corrected very quickly. Now when people arrive at home, he rarely jumps on them. In fact, he knows how to sit and wait at the door as people enter the home.

He learned how to sit, down and stay. Anne can ask him to stay, leave the room and return with Teddy still sitting there. This is remarkable for their home in West Farmington. Puppy obedience has arrived!

Anne went from not being able to walk Teddy on a loose leash to being able to take twenty steps with Teddy on a loose the leash.

Overtime, with more practice, Anne will be able to take longer walks with him on a loose leash.

Teddy didn’t know how to come at all and now he comes 90% of the time inside the house. We also worked on getting Teddy to come outside in the yard on a long line.

Teddy did great and was running to Anne. As Anne practices this she will then have a puppy that runs to her even when he is outside and distracted.

Teddy is still a puppy so his behavior is not perfect as he is only 5 months at this time. However, he listens and knows many commands now.

Anne knows what to do to get Teddy to listen now. She is working on training Teddy to be a therapy dog and is hoping to past the test when he is one year old.

We are pleased with Anne’s and Teddy’s success and will miss them so very much! – Anne Rubin with Teddy, the Labradoodle – West Farmington Puppy Obedience

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