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Success Story – From Loosing Control to Listening – Puppy Training – Hiram

Springer Spaniel - Puppy Training - Hiram

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training – Hiram

Paul and Pat called me. They were feeling frustrated because their Springer Spaniel, Chena, was out of control.

Paul has had Springer Spaniels in the past and all of them listened to him easily. Chena was not that way. As a result, they were lost and needed help.

They purchased the Dependable House Puppy Program, and we immediately began doing puppy training. Hiram is where Chena and her family live.

The biggest problem was the peeing. They were sick of cleaning up accidents. When guests came to visit, Chena was so excited that she would pee on the floor.

We worked on helping Chena to calm down and feeling more relaxed when guests came over. She learned to sit and wait patiently. Now she knows that she has to be calm instead of immediately jumping and peeing.

We also addressed the jumping problems. She quickly learned to wait in her crate and to wait at the house door when it was time for her to come inside.

In the past, she was jumping hysterically to come inside and after she was let out of her crate. She also learned to sit instead of jump when she wanted attention from her owners.

Within two weeks the jumping lessoned drastically and the peeing had stopped.

We moved onward to work on “come” in the house which she learned quickly.

Lastly, we worked on counter surfing and play biting. She learned “target” and leave it. These both helped with her puppy training. Hiram now has a much more peaceful happy family.

Chena learned fast with reward-based training when she appeared to be so stubborn. Your dog can learn too.

-Pat and Paul with Chena, Springer Spaniel – Puppy Training – Hiram – Four Legged Scholars LLC

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