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Help! My Dog Barks Too Much! – Dog Training Hiram OH

Barking - Dog Training - Hiram OH

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training Hiram OH

Are you struggling with a dog that barks often? Are you frustrated that your dog barks so much.

We know the pain and have personally been their ourselves. As a result, we can help you 🙂

My last dog, Seiki, a border collie, barked often when I first received him.

When I took him on walks he wanted to bark whenever a dog barked at him behind a fence.

He also barked at some people. Even still, when he saw other dogs running in excitement, he barked.

I wanted to do dog sports with him and was excited to compete in Flyball. I wanted him to be more “quiet” before joining the sport.

As a result, we practiced being “quiet” often. You can use these tools in your dog training (Hiram, OH).

I love Leslie McDevitt’s trick LAT (look at that). It is simple to train.

Find something that your dog gets excited about and will look toward with his eyes fixated and ears perked up. When he looks at the object say “look at that” and c/t (click and treat).

The click happens while your dog is actually looking at the object. When you click your dog will turn his head to you to eat the treat.

Practice this until your dog starts to look at you more than at the object.

Make sure you keep saying “look at that” and c/t everytime your dog alerts (eyes fixated and ears up) toward the object.

As a result, you will be requesting the command numerous times in a row at first.

Dog this until your dog chooses to look at you for long time periods without looking at the object or chooses to look at the object in a calm manner (ears neutral) instead of being on alert.

Generalize in the outdoor environment and other places where your dog needs to be more quiet.

You are always using this when your dog is “quiet” and requesting it BEFORE your dog barks. This is what creates the most success with dog training (Hiram, OH).

If you wait until your dog barks and c/t you will be rewarding the barking. Learn to read your dog’s body language and catch him before he barks 🙂

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