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A Family’s Success – From Feeling Mega Stressed to Feeling Happy – Garrettsville – Puppy Training

Bernedoodle - Garrettsville - Puppy Training

Four Legged Scholars – Garrettsville – Puppy Training

Success Story -Garrettsville - Puppy Training

I received a call from Sarah. She had a 6 month Bernedoodle named Roxie. She and her family loved Roxie very much.

However, the parents were mega stressed because Roxie was having multiple potty accidents in the house and in her crate.

They read about making the crate smaller and she was still having accidents.

Her husband, Dan, had a heart condition so being stressed was really detrimental for him. They needed this behavior to change now.

I came to Sarah’s house in Garrettsville. Puppy training turned into the Dependable House Dog Program which consisted of three personal training sessions for the entire family including their children.

Within a week they had a huge shift. Roxie went from having accidents every day to only having two accidents that week.

By the time we were done training, she could go an entire week with no accidents.

We also spent time to teach Roxie to ring a bell when she needed to go outside and potty.

Sarah wanted to work on come and to quiet when people came to the door. So we worked on both of those issues as well.

By the last session, Roxie was coming with distractions in the home and was listening to commands rather than persistently barking at the door.

This family consisted of three children and a little baby. The two youngest children (7 years and 9 years) participated in the training the most.

They learned how to be confident when asking Roxie to perform commands and did their homework.

The kids learned how to teach two tricks: roll over and spin at home in Garrettsville. Puppy training was hard for the youngest at first because she was scared of Roxie taking treats from her hand in a hard manner.

By the last session, she was able to confidently give Roxie treats and her fear of getting hurt was gone. Roxie also learned how to take the treats more gently.

Roxie is a great dog and I was super happy to work with this family in Garrettsville. Puppy training made a huge positive difference for them.

-Sarah Evans with Roxie, Bernedoodle – Garrettsville – Puppy Training – Four Legged Scholars LLC

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