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A Family’s Success From Feeling Lost to Having a Puppy that Listens – Puppy Training – Streetsboro

Siberian Husky -Puppy Training - Streetsboro-compressor

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training – Streetsboro

Marjorie Monk called me in regards to her son’s dog Smokey, a four-month old Siberian Husky.

Jesse, her son, and her were struggling with this puppy because he loved jumping on people and was having accidents regularly in the house.

He also was chewing toilet paper and furniture in the house. The owners were frustrated and were not sure how to solve these problems.

Jesse immediately decided to do four sessions with us and purchased The Dependable House Dog.

Puppy training (Streetsboro) was our main focus, we immediately addressed the jumping and house training issue.

Smokey was a puppy that excited easily and had tons of energy. More so than most puppies I have seen.

However, in just the first session he began to calm because he learned that in order to get attention he had to relax, sit and be calm.

He learned to sit and settle. Jesse mentioned that he was jumping much less and knows how to handle the jumping issue now. We also drastically lessened the number of house accidents he was having.

His chewing also got under control. He learned how to “leave it” and “drop” on command. Even still, he learned to love his kennel which he previously hated. He now walks into his kennel easily which was a previous struggle.

Jesse learned about TTouch as well so that he could calm his puppy and it works for Smokey.

Smokey also learned how to “come” during our last session on puppy training. Streetsboro will be a happier place now that Smokey knows how to listen.

Jesse mentioned that he feels much more confident and knows how to handle his cute puppy.

– Jesse Molnar and Marjorie Monk with Smokey, Siberian Husky – Puppy Training – Streetsboro

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